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Macaron Madness (Round 2)

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

            Montebello Macs and Roses

Following the previous week’s macaron making, it was inevitable that after such a long time since I last ate a macaron, my craving for them grew instead of being assuaged, leading to another batch this past week. While browsing the PH Macarons book with A for ideas, she said, “Mama, I want a strawberry macaron.” So that was one flavour decided and going with the theme of pink macarons, I decided on the Montebello macarons (pistachio ganache filling with a raspberry jelly centre) as the second flavour.

            Strawberry macarons

The plan was to make the Montebello shells a much lighter shade of pink than my previous attempt that yielded a very wet batter caused by the large amount of food colouring dictated in the PH recipe. The pastel pink shells didn’t rise as dramatically as the darker coloured batter I had made for the strawberry flavoured macarons. This, I suspect, had to do with insufficient drying time.

Montebello and Strawberry Macarons

On the aesthetic front, the Montebello macarons did look prettier when paired with the darker pink shells, so I used half of the lighter pink shells for the strawberry flavoured ones. I must say, I do like the ombre effect that the two shades of pink gave in the second photograph of this post.

Taste-wise, the Montebello is definitely still my favourite flavour from the PH book. I used two kinds of pistachio fillings, one with italian meringue buttercream and one with ganache, because I had underestimated the amount of ganache I would need to fill all the macarons. I actually preferred the taste of the buttercream filling.

Inside the Montebello macaron

For the strawberry macarons, I cooked a strawberry coulis, whipped it into italian meringue buttercream and brushed some of the sauce on the underside of the shells as well. The strawberry flavour was more developed after a day of maturing in the fridge. And A, as it turns out, doesn’t like strawberry macarons at all and prefers the dark chocolate ones!

Macaron Madness

Friday, May 31st, 2013

              Dark Chocolate Macarons

I’ll admit that when I first read the 2-page macaron article in the Straits Times last week, I was appalled by how aesthetically unpleasing some of the featured macarons were and how any pastry shop that takes any pride and care in their work could possibly allow such an unpretty product to pass quality control. I think I actually said (of some of the photographed sweets), “If the ones I made looked like that, I would have trashed them.”

Dark Chocolate Macaron

H gently reminded me that running a business does not always allow one the luxury of pursuing perfection and that the ultimate goal of these pastry shops is to minimize waste and make money. His reminder got me to thinking how I would handle churning out hundreds of macarons on a daily basis and I realized that I had probably been too quick to judge.

              Orange Caramel Macarons

Still, I felt that I wouldn’t pay that sort of money for a not-so-pretty macaron, which meant I would have to make my own to satisfy my macaron craving. Not exactly the wisest of plans really, since I’m under doctor’s orders to take it easy.

But gluttony prevailed over wisdom and I went with the usual dark chocolate and an experimental orange caramel flavour. I was glad that I could still make a decent batch of macarons after such a long break. Now I’m craving other flavours! Hmm… perhaps another batch next week then? I don’t think H nor my doctor would approve though.


Friday, October 12th, 2012

Just a collection of macaron photos for now.

              Salted Caramel Macaron

              Coffee Macaron

Frivolité and Caffé-Caffé Macarons