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Mad about a 4th Birthday Cake

Monday, March 31st, 2014

              Cake details

As Ashley’s 4th birthday approached and I ran various cake ideas through my mind, I recalled reading on WL’s FB page about how K, her goddaughter, had asked for a princess themed birthday party at age 4.

Even though Ashley had been going through the same inevitable “I want to be a princess (despite my best efforts explaining to her that a princess isn’t a real profession) and I want everything in pink” phase, I tried to steer her towards something other than a pink princess themed cake.

              Ashley's 4th birthday cake

My hopes were raised when she first said, “I want a horse cake.” Then came, “I want the horse to be pink.” And I thought, well, at least there hadn’t been any mention of the other “p” word.

Then 3 days later, while we were in the car, she said, out of nowhere, “Mummy, I want a princess cake for my birthday and I want it to be pink.” I expressed my dismay to WL, who laughed and then told me, why not indulge her?

              Ashley's 4th birthday cakeJ

So rather than fight it, I went all out. In keeping with the pink theme, I decided on a ombre (pink, of course) raspberry butter cake with raspberry italian meringue buttercream. For the exterior, I very briefly toyed with the idea of some sort of castle, but decided against it in the end.

              Ashley's 4th birthday cake

I think the final design is probably more suited for an older child, what with the very frilly ruffles (I hadn’t planned on the ruffles looking that frilly) and gilded buttons on a pillowy tier, except for the cartoony fondant princess figurine. I think if I were ever to make another fondant figurine, I’d go with a simple round nose, smaller eyes and less scary eye lashes. But A seemed perfectly happy with her cake and didn’t have any complaints.


And neither did I, as I enjoyed my slice of cake in peace and quiet, the day after the party.