Macaron Madness (Round 2)

            Montebello Macs and Roses

Following the previous week’s macaron making, it was inevitable that after such a long time since I last ate a macaron, my craving for them grew instead of being assuaged, leading to another batch this past week. While browsing the PH Macarons book with A for ideas, she said, “Mama, I want a strawberry macaron.” So that was one flavour decided and going with the theme of pink macarons, I decided on the Montebello macarons (pistachio ganache filling with a raspberry jelly centre) as the second flavour.

            Strawberry macarons

The plan was to make the Montebello shells a much lighter shade of pink than my previous attempt that yielded a very wet batter caused by the large amount of food colouring dictated in the PH recipe. The pastel pink shells didn’t rise as dramatically as the darker coloured batter I had made for the strawberry flavoured macarons. This, I suspect, had to do with insufficient drying time.

Montebello and Strawberry Macarons

On the aesthetic front, the Montebello macarons did look prettier when paired with the darker pink shells, so I used half of the lighter pink shells for the strawberry flavoured ones. I must say, I do like the ombre effect that the two shades of pink gave in the second photograph of this post.

Taste-wise, the Montebello is definitely still my favourite flavour from the PH book. I used two kinds of pistachio fillings, one with italian meringue buttercream and one with ganache, because I had underestimated the amount of ganache I would need to fill all the macarons. I actually preferred the taste of the buttercream filling.

Inside the Montebello macaron

For the strawberry macarons, I cooked a strawberry coulis, whipped it into italian meringue buttercream and brushed some of the sauce on the underside of the shells as well. The strawberry flavour was more developed after a day of maturing in the fridge. And A, as it turns out, doesn’t like strawberry macarons at all and prefers the dark chocolate ones!

3 Responses to “Macaron Madness (Round 2)”

  1. julie richard Says:

    I love seeing pictures of your macaron. They look as good and I am sure taste as good as Hermé’s!

  2. Sev Says:

    Do you have macaron classes?

  3. Karen Says:

    Thank you, Julie!

    Sev: Please send me email at csauleng[at]yahoo[dot]com.

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