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Macaron Madness

Friday, May 31st, 2013

              Dark Chocolate Macarons

I’ll admit that when I first read the 2-page macaron article in the Straits Times last week, I was appalled by how aesthetically unpleasing some of the featured macarons were and how any pastry shop that takes any pride and care in their work could possibly allow such an unpretty product to pass quality control. I think I actually said (of some of the photographed sweets), “If the ones I made looked like that, I would have trashed them.”

Dark Chocolate Macaron

H gently reminded me that running a business does not always allow one the luxury of pursuing perfection and that the ultimate goal of these pastry shops is to minimize waste and make money. His reminder got me to thinking how I would handle churning out hundreds of macarons on a daily basis and I realized that I had probably been too quick to judge.

              Orange Caramel Macarons

Still, I felt that I wouldn’t pay that sort of money for a not-so-pretty macaron, which meant I would have to make my own to satisfy my macaron craving. Not exactly the wisest of plans really, since I’m under doctor’s orders to take it easy.

But gluttony prevailed over wisdom and I went with the usual dark chocolate and an experimental orange caramel flavour. I was glad that I could still make a decent batch of macarons after such a long break. Now I’m craving other flavours! Hmm… perhaps another batch next week then? I don’t think H nor my doctor would approve though.