Mad about Kueh Lapis Spekkoek

           Kueh Lapis

With way too many egg yolks left from baking macarons and teaching macaron classes, I had 4 options on what to do with them:

A. Make ice cream
B. Make creme brulee
C. Make kueh lapis
D. Trash the egg yolks

Option D seemed terribly wasteful, so that was the 1st option to go. Option A and B meant I had to go to the store to get more whipping cream and I really didn’t want to go anywhere in this horribly hot weather we’ve been having this past week.

This meant I was left with Option C and finding a 3 hour window to make the kueh lapis, not an easy task on the weekend when I’d much rather be spending my free time with H and A than slaving away in the kitchen. I was also somewhat reluctant, given how fattening and unhealthful the cake is, what with 20 egg yolks, half a kilogram of butter and lots of sugar.

              Kueh Lapis Sliced

BUT, it’s also been 4 years since I last made this cake, so I went ahead anyway and planned to do it while A was taking her afternoon nap. This would, of course, turn out to be the day that she would nap only a little over an hour. Fortunately, H was around and very obligingly kept her occupied while I baked the lapis cake. Fortunately, I was done at the 3 hour mark.

Straight out of the oven, the cake tasted a little drier than I would have liked. I had placed the baking pan on the oven floor as instructed in my mother’s recipe. It was only later when I was going through my own notes and my previous post on the same cake that I realised I should have placed the pan on the lowest rung in my oven. I was disappointed, but H suggested that I leave the cake overnight. He felt that it would taste better the next day and he was absolutely right! It wasn’t as dry the next day, although I have no idea why being kept in the fridge didn’t dry it out further.

I divided the calorific cake into 4 portions and distributed them among my family. Shared calories don’t count, right?

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  1. Foodelicious Says:

    Yes, this cake will “mature” as the days goes by. It’s best to leave the cake for a day or two. In the picture, your cake does look a little bit dry. My trick for this cake is to brush butter generously after each layer and leave it a day or two before I cut and serve. Of course I do add in brandy and rum at times.

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