Mad about Macarons 2011


A post on macarons is long overdue on this blog and so it would seem most appropriate that macarons be the subject of my 1st post of 2011.

The flavours from top to bottom are vanilla caramel fleur de sel, mixed berries with mixed berries white chocolate ganache, green tea with chestnut buttercream and dark chocolate.


I was very happy that I hadn’t lost the ability to churn out a good macaron, but I wasn’t too pleased with the chocolate ones. The feet were tiny and the shells were domed. Of course, it could very well have something to do with my having run into the kitchen and opening the oven door 5 minutes into baking, thinking that the timer had already rung. :( I guess this is what 9 months (and counting) of sleep deprivation can do to a person.

              Green Tea Macarons

My favourite ones from this batch were the green tea ones for several reasons. Pretty feet, flat tops (which made the last photograph here easy to take) and most of all, these tasted the least sweet.

I also experimented with a white chocolate ganache filling for the mixed berries macarons, which turned out tasting far from satisfactory due to the awful grainy texture of the ganache. I’m not sure if it had to do with the way I made the ganache or if it was the white chocolate itself (I used Valrhona) that had that problem. I sure could use a recommendation for a good white chocolate for baking!

This post (and this batch of macarons) would not have been possible if my mother-in-law hadn’t most kindly stayed home on Saturday to help watch Ashley, so thank you, Mami! :)

22 Responses to “Mad about Macarons 2011”

  1. Camemberu Says:

    These look so yummy! I’m glad you’re baking macarons again!

  2. tanny Says:


  3. Anna {Sugarized} Says:

    Hi! I found your blog through Flickr. =) These look amazing!

  4. astheroshe Says:

    Your macs look great! El Rey, has a great white chocolate…i have not used it, but many bakers i know love it:)

  5. Cassie (The Family Jewels) Says:

    I LOVE the look of your macarons. I have a new obsession with them, but have yet to try and actually make some. I’m just a hobby baker.

    Are these somthing that require intense skill to craft?

  6. sooks Says:

    Heard about your excellent macarons from Wey and they really look great!

  7. Crash Says:

    Hey they look great and the green tea macaroons sound good. Never had a dessert with green tea, but want too!! Glad to see you back!! YAY MAMI!!

  8. Bee Says:

    hi there, do you mind sending me a recipe of the macaroon shell pls please? thanks a bunch! :)

  9. Karen Says:

    Thanks, everyone! =)

    Bee: I sometimes use Helene of Tartelette’s macaron recipes. They work well. Here’s the link to her very comprehensive macaron tutorial.

  10. kang li Says:

    I used to drop by here occasionally, just happened to think of your beautiful macarons and here I am! Your macarons are really wonderful. Will come by regularly! :)

  11. amrita Says:

    Karen, I usually use Ivoire for my white ganaches and have never encountered any problems with regards to gritty texture. Where do you buy your chocolate from? Perhaps it was an old batch or they didn’t store it properly. Also, did you overheat your ganache? White chocolate is temperamental like that.

    When I’m lazy and/or baking for my family, I sometimes replace Ivoire with Cadbury Dream. It actually produces some better than average results! Perhaps you could try that out sometime =o)

  12. Mike Says:

    Let me help you with your white chocolate problem.

    Here’s a white chocolate-based ganache recipe that i use.

    White chocolate 280
    coca butter 30
    *Liquid 130
    Glucose 10
    butter, soften to a ‘hand-lotion’ texture 30

    *The ‘liquid’ part can be used interchangeably with any forms or liquid, e.g. if you are using fruit purees or cream, just make sure it’s always 130ml after u have strained/reduced. It’s a very flexible recipe.

    Instructions as follows: Melt white choc and cocoa butter together until entirely liquefied. Bring the liquid and glucose to a near boil and pour into the choc in 3parts, stirring evenly before each addition. You will reach an emulsion. Finish by adding the butter into the emulsion and immersing it with a handheld blender. Pour the contents into a wide and shallow dish and cover it with cling wrap pressed onto the choc’s surface. cool at room temperature until cool to the touch and followed by chilling it in the fridge overnight to crystalize. The following day before use, bring the choc to room temperature. (approx 2 hours) The ganache is ready to be used.

    I use Cacao Barry’s Satine Blanc.

  13. Karen Says:

    kang li: Thanks for dropping by! :)

    Amrita: Maybe I just don’t like the taste of Valrhona or white chocolate for that matter. :) But thanks for the tip, willl try Cadbury Dream sometime.

    Milke: Thank you very much for the recipe! I’d love to try it. Just have to find out where to get cocoa butter that’s edible in Singapore.

  14. Mike Says:

    you’re welcome.

    Phoon Huat carries them in nuggets of 250gms. just remember to chop them finely or they will not melt together with the white chocolate. : )

  15. A Fellow Baker Says:

    Hi Karen!

    Not sure if you were aware of this, but one of your photos is being used on this website. I was a little disappointed to know that this wasn’t a picture of ‘their’ actual macarons… =\ I was going to take the class, but am now reconsidering… especially if they did not get your permission….. here is the site:

    Comment edited to remove link

    If you did not give permission, I suggest you demand to get paid, especially since they are making money off using your photo!

    And if you did give permission, I apologize to you, but am still disappointed since YOU made them and they weren’t an actual result of what you would be making in the class.

    Take care! And GORGEOUS macarons btw… I’m so jealous! ;)

  16. Yael Says:

    They are just beautiful!

  17. LilyAnette Says:

    Your Macarons are still the best looking among all the bloggers I have seen! Lovely. Glad you are baking again, always a big fan here :)

  18. Wendy Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Misses your lovely macarons.
    Btw, you and your baby girl looks great =)


  19. Jo Says:

    These look lovely how much are they?pls pm me the price

  20. Serene Says:

    Hi, may I know if you take orders for macarons? I am thinking of ordering 100 pcs of macaons for my wedding candy bar.

  21. ViviAm Says:

    Hi Mad Baker,

    we have fallen in love with your macarons. Do you happen to take order for these gorgeous desserts?

    looking forward to hearing from you real soon!!


  22. Shala Says:

    Hii Karen!

    I just stumbled to your blog when I searched for air pockets problem. Your macarons are truly perfect! How’d u do that? I tried (almost) everything but the air pockets keep coming back. What’s your method and recipe to make such perfect macarons? Can’t wait to hear it from you!! :D

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