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What I’ve been up to lately

Monday, August 9th, 2010

            4 months 16 days

Thank you all for your comments and enquiries about cakes, cookies, macarons and classes! I apologize for my tardy replies and general silence on this blog. As you may already have guessed, I’ve just had a baby girl this March.


Baking pans and kitchen mixers have been replaced with diapers and bottle sterilizers these past 4 months. And have I mentioned the sleepless nights? :(

That having been said, we’re greatly blessed that Ashley is generally a very happy (and very active) baby. I’m hoping that sanity will be restored in our lives soon and that I’ll be able to bake more frequently.


All I’ve managed so far are 2 trays of brownies, which I wouldn’t even have baked if it weren’t for the fact that I felt embarrassed turning up at a friend’s place empty-handed.

I also wanted to make some sort of cake for my sister’s civil wedding reception, but only managed the bridal bouquet with lots of help from WL, who has a wonderful talent for arranging the most gorgeous bridal bouquets and who also very graciously helped satisfy my macaron cravings these past months.

              Civil Wedding Bouquet for Amy

And that’s all the update I’ve got time and energy for at the moment. I hope to find some time to whip up a batch of macarons soon, so stay tuned! :D