Mad about Vanillekipferl


I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas!

This year, H and I had a small Christmas Eve dinner party with my family. Learning from the experience we had last Christmas, we went with a bone-in store-bought traditional Christmas ham, a large roasted chicken (instead of a huge turkey which would have barely been touched and probably gone into a pot of rice porridge on Christmas day), salami and hawaiian pizza (yes, I know, not exactly a Christmasy sort of dish, but for some reason, my sister really wanted this), homemade Schwaebisher Kartoffelsalat (a German potato salad), tossed greens and a homemade apple pie.


H also made a huge pot of Gluhwein (mulled wine) with a bag of Gluhwein spices sent to us from H’s sister (thank you, N and H!) by way of his mum who was here for a visit a short while ago.

Back home in Germany, this aromatic hot wine would be enjoyed in the winter evenings with our familly, along with a huge assortment of Christmas cookies (Plaetzchen). These Christmas cookies would be lovingly baked in the weeks leading up to Christmas; believe me when I say it takes huge restraint (mostly on H’s part!) to resist all the delicious cookies just so there would be some left by Christmas day!

Vanillekipferl Closeup

Sadly, cookies, of the Christmas-sort or otherwise, don’t keep very well in our humid Asian climate, so I went with just one type to go with the Gluhwein - Vanillekipferl. These crescent-shaped cookies are a quintessential part (in my opinion, anyway) of any Christmas Plaetzchen platter and are made with ground almonds, butter, flour, sugar, egg yolks and scrappings from a vanilla bean.

I used the recipe here from Nicky of Delicious Days. The end result was a lovely crumbly, almond-ny, buttery cookie. I would have preferred them to be a little less crumbly and this would probably have been the case if we lived in a dry climate and left the cookies to sit for a few days in a container. Still, H enjoyed them immensely (can’t exactly say the same for the rest of my family), which was the most important part for me!

              3D Gingerbread Christmas Tree

I also finally got round to assembling the 3D gingerbread Christmas tree as a decorative piece for the dinner. I found that drying the humidity-softened decorated cookies in the oven does help. The dried decorated Christmas ornament cookies are now happily sitting in a container with a couple bags of desiccant. I wonder how long they’ll keep…

3D Gingerbread Christmas Tree

My next project is a macaron croquembouche, but before that, I intend to give myself a nice long rest to recover from the crazy hectic time that was Christmas. :)

Have a wonderful year ahead, everyone!

7 Responses to “Mad about Vanillekipferl”

  1. nita Says:

    I’ve been MAD about vanillekipferl too! i’ve made at least 7 batches this month…it’s my favorite holiday cookie!

  2. Nita Says:

    Ihre Plaetzchen sehen richtig lecker und schmackhaft aus! Meine Lieblingplaetzchen sind such Vanillekipferl und ich habe sie mindestens 7-8 Mal fuer meine Familie gebacken!!!

    Frohes Neujahr!!!

  3. Su-yin Says:

    Loving the cookies, they’re so well piped. Amazing. :) I love the simplicity of the 3D gingerbread Christmas tree as well.

  4. Cocotte Says:

    So cute! Happy new year

  5. Paula Says:

    I’m a big fan of your blog, and I’ve just seen a photo of your sugar paste butterfly cakes on Cake Wrecks, at the Sunday Sweets session (where they post pretty cakes every sunday) - I thought you’d like to check it out.

  6. Karen Says:

    Nita: Vielen Dank! Have a great 2010!

    Su-yin and Cocotte: Thank you!

    Paula: Thank you very much for reading my blog! =) I love the Cake Wrecks website ! Thank you for letting me know about my cake being featured on there. :D

  7. Nadya Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Stumbled upon your blog today and it got my tummy rumbling!

    Your cookies and cakes all look amazing!

    Do you do conduct baking classes? I would love to take part…do let me know please.



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