Mad about Apple Pie

              Double Crusted Apple Pie

While considering whether to have a Christmas dinner party this year, my sister brought up the possibility of having an apple pie on the menu again this year. While no decision has actually been taken on the dinner yet, I thought it would be good to give the apple pie recipe a trial run. The reason for the trial run: last year’s pie, which had been disasterous on two counts.

The first being the pie crust. I’d gone with a recipe that used shortening. I had great hopes; after all, the recipe promised a very flaky yet tender crust. The crust turned out to be so tender and flaky that it practically disintegrated to mush once it was cut into the pie filling.

The second disappointment was with the apple pie filling. While I had used my usual apple pie filling recipe, the apples were entirely the wrong kind. I had bought the green apples from the wet market, thinking that all green apples were Granny Smiths. Apparently not. The green apples turned out to be the sort with a powdery texture - the entire opposite of the firm and crunchy texture of Granny Smiths, which are essential for apple pie fillings. Needless to say, the filling left a lot to be desired texture-wise.

                  Double Crusted Apple Pie

So for this year’s trial run, I used Sherry Yard’s Master Pie Crust, a recipe that I knew would be easy to work with and still give a perfect pie crust. For the filling, I used a combination of Granny Smiths and Royal Gala apples - this time making extra sure to check the label on each apple. I also covered the pie entirely with pastry instead of making my usual lattice top. I’m happy to report that the pie tasted great and I’m glad to have made it, dinner party or not.

I know I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to this past year, but do stay tuned. I’ve got a Christmas baking schedule planned - the list includes decorated gingerbread cookies, vanilla kipferl and possibly a macaron tower (if I can either buy or make a proper cone, that is)!

3 Responses to “Mad about Apple Pie”

  1. ivan Says:

    Very nice, very nice indeed.

    I’ve always preferred a mix of apples as I find granny smiths too tart for my palate. Also, ever thought of using Kentucky Bourbon on them apples first? :)

  2. danielle bumblebee Says:

    can’t wait to see ur macaron tower!

  3. adriene (shugees) Says:

    wow! that is the *most* beautiful, perfect apple pie i have ever seen!

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