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Mad about Raspberry Rose Vanilla Cream Cake

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

              Raspberry Rose Vanilla Cream Cake

I’ve been neglecting this blog for way longer than I’d have liked, but without the energy nor any pressing desire to bake the last few months, there’s really been nothing much to write about.

That was until last week when I decided to visit Tartelette, one of my favourite pastry/food blogs, and became completely inspired by Helen’s recent creations.

I was particularly taken by the idea of the raspberry rose vanilla cream cake. Just the thought of the delicate flavours of rose and vanilla, combined with a slightly tart raspberry jelly was enough to get me running through the larder in search of the necessary ingredients. The hubby, on the other hand, was sold alone on the bavarian cream.

              Raspberry Rose Vanilla Cream Cake

I’d long run out of almonds, given that it’s been 3 months since my last batch of macarons. As luck would have it, I still had a bag of hazelnuts. Frozen raspberries were certainly not a problem since the hubby loves his occasional rote grütze. And there was still a decent stash of vanilla pods in the fridge. I also substituted gelatin powder with gelatin sheets since I don’t quite care for the smell of the gelatin powder I’d bought previously.

The 3 main components - hazelnut rose dacquoise, raspberry jelly and vanilla bavarian cream were easily made and assembled in less than a day, although the next time I make this, I’d happily take on Helen’s suggestion to make the dacquoise and raspberry jelly the evening before.

              Raspberry Rose Vanilla Cream Cake

The raspberry jelly posed the greatest challenge, turning from frozen jelly to mushy jelly in the space of 10 minutes in our horribly hot climate. I had to work relatively fast to get the entire layer into the tin before it turned into an unmanageable layer of mush in my warm fingers. I was also initially concerned that the bavarian cream would not set since it seemed pretty fluid when I poured it into the tin, but in the end, everything turned out beautifully.

I was especially delighted by the pretty layers that revealed themselves when I cut the cake into individual servings.

Many thanks to the wonderfully talented Helen for sharing such a lovely recipe!