Happy Mothers’ Day!

              Mont Blanc

Just a few photographs of the dessert I made for mum on Mother’s Day for now. I haven’t got enough time to write a proper entry; I’ve got to go to bed soon …

Mont Blanc

The recipe for this Mont Blanc comes from Aran at Canelle et Vanille. I’ve replaced the chocolate mousse bombe centre with a green tea mousse.

Mont Blanc

Many thanks to Evan for inspiring me to take some time to bake this weekend!

11 Responses to “Happy Mothers’ Day!”

  1. Eva Says:

    Your tarts look picture-perfect! Last night, I made the exact same sables but didn’t have rings to bake them in - that made for a sable-sheet..:-( Only the last one worked out fine as I was able to bake it in the cookie cutter…

  2. Evan Says:

    wow, really nice mont blanc! and green tea mousse center is a really refreshing change :D

  3. megan Says:

    I love the hidden center! Very nice pictures. Your blog always has me salivating!

  4. Jill Says:

    These look delicious…! I’m sure your Mom must have been delighted…
    I’ve come across many recipes using chestnut puree, but I’m not sure where to get them. Where in S’pore sells it? And what is the difference between chestnut puree and chestnut paste? Is it just the sugar added?

  5. jacqueline Says:

    hi there, you do make pretty desserts looks yummilicious!
    issit possible to order from you or anything like that?like for birthday parties?i would so love to taste these nice treats on my 21st!; ))
    you can contact me at jac_88blue@hotmail.com ;)

  6. danielle bumblebee Says:

    looks amazing karen.. glad u had a good mom’s day celebration.. i haven’t dropped by for a while n now realized that u’re married!?? congrats!!!! i’m prob waaay late now, but am so excited for u.

    ps: how about baking together some day? :) i’m in fair sg now n have been for a while

  7. Karen Says:

    Eva: Thank you! I was actually contemplating baking without the moulds, but figured that the dough would probably spread. I’m glad you managed to salvage one. :)

    Evan & Megan: Thank you!

    Jill: You can get chestnut spread at either Carrefour or Cold Storage. I think it’s similar to chestnut paste and it’s sweetened. You can make chestnut puree from scratch using boiled chestnuts (boil till they are soft)and mashing them up.

    Jac: Thank you! I’ve stopped taking orders for a long time now. =) I hope you have a great 21st birthday celebration!

    Danielle: It’s wonderful to hear from you! I’ve been married for years now, but thank you all the same! =) I’m definitely up for baking together, but I’m working full-time now, so it’d have to be on a weekend. Do drop me an email!

  8. Valentina Says:

    Hi Karen,

    I like your design alot! Is really beautiful.

  9. Kelsey Says:

    Hello, I just came across your site, which is awesome, and i had a few questions.
    First, what kind of camera do you use to photograph your food? The pictures are so beautiful and clear!
    Second, I know you aren’t taking orders any longer for your baked goods, but when you were taking orders, how did you get a network of customers?

  10. The Little Teochew Says:

    Hi, I stumbled on your blog while searching for a Mont Blanc recipe and my jaw dropped when I saw your works of art. Absolutely stunning! Wow.

  11. Miami Cookie Connoisseuse Says:

    Beautiful. I’m curious what kind of tea you used for the mousse. Also, did you use food coloring? They look so vibrantly green. Beautifully done!

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