Mad about Chocolate Cake

              Chocolate Cake

So, I wasn’t supposed to bake any more before the next birthday, but the last cake I made (last section of this post) tasted so disappointing (based on feedback from my family) that I just HAD to redeem myself.

What better way to do that than with a chocolate cake? After all, there’s nothing like a generous slice of good chocolate cake to make things right!

Chocolate Cake Before and After

I went with devil’s food cake, sandwiched and frosted with whipped dark chocolate ganache, made with my very last stash of Valrhona 66% Caraibe.

The cake turned out so delightfully moist and soft that I had to stop myself from eating the cake fresh from the oven. Although it turned firm in the fridge, letting it sit for 20 minutes at room temperature before serving brought back that wonderful texture.

              Chocolate Cake Slice

I was also happy to put my recently acquired Wilton decorating tips to use. The drop flowers didn’t turn out too well; ganache probably isn’t the best medium for pretty drop flowers. I absolutely prefer the version without the flowers. Note to self: stick to simple shell borders and lines when working with ganache.

Roses Cream Cake

The rose cream cake pictured above was made with vanilla victoria sponge layers I had leftover from this cake. I was anxious to try piping roses with whipped cream instead of royal icing, since my joints didn’t take too kindly to the latter.

While the roses turned out fine, although extremely tedious to pipe because of the really warm weather on that particular day, I suspect the cake had dried up somewhat from being refrigerated for 2 days (despite my best cling wrap efforts). I believe my brother actually used the term “biscuit” when describing the cake! That’s definitely a word I NEVER want to hear again in association with any cake that I bake.

              Roses Cream Cake

In any case, I’ve never really fancied the texture of victoria sponges, using it only when I need a cake with sufficient structure to hold up heavier decoration. I’m going with a sturdy, but still delicious carrot cake next time!

21 Responses to “Mad about Chocolate Cake”

  1. Emily Rose Says:

    I think the ganache flowers look adorable! I am so surprised to see how beautifully the whipped cream worked to make the roses for the victoria sponge- they look like they are made of something much sturdier!! Both cakes are so lovely!

  2. yves Says:

    Lovely! The chocolate cake looks scrumptious!!

    The fresh cream roses turned out great!!

    I really love your pics, I wish I can take great pics like you….

  3. Alexthepink Says:

    Wow, they both look beautiful! I wish I had the patience to do all that piping…

  4. Xavi Says:

    OMG. It looks so beautiful and yummy!

  5. Stef Says:


    You are breaking my diet with pictures of such a luscious cake….I’m thinking of baking one myself!

    Then again with my busy schedule nowadays…how to? *sob*
    Perhaps I’ll just turn up unannounced at your doorstep for a slice… =)

  6. Rachel Says:

    They both look gorgeous! Glad to hear the chocolate tasted as good as it looks.

  7. Fen Says:

    Wow, your cake looks yummy. I have always been curious about your macarons and cakes but it is a pity you are not accepting orders.

    Do let me know when you will be taking orders. I simply can’t resist the temptation you have presented on this blog :)

    *Drooling* The chocolate cake looks so tempting…

  8. Bev Says:

    wow your cakes are gorgeous! I would especially like to get me hands on that chocolate one! mmmm

  9. Shari Says:

    Wow, your cakes are stunning!!

  10. ladyironchef Says:

    hello karen,

    i saw your blog’s link from evan’s. Your photos are also very good, i scroll down to your older posts, love your macarons : )


  11. My Sweet & Saucy Says:

    What gorgeous cakes! I love the design and they sound so tasty!

  12. Sarah McBride Says:

    Holy cow that looks amazing. I love chocolate cake, I could just jump through the screen and eat it up.
    You take the best pictures!

  13. Joanna Says:

    I love the cake with those flowers. it’s so pretty and girly.

  14. Mary Says:

    Wowwww your devil’s food cake is absolutely fantastic and the cake with flowers, my mouth is just watering over the idea to take a bite. Are you a professional pastry cook? Your blog is fantastic you’re a real artist , i hope you don’t mind me bargin in on you like this.

  15. CookingMummy Says:

    I love the way you decorate your cakes with roses. Any chance you will be conducting any cake decorating classes.. Love to hear from you

  16. Shermane Says:

    Hi, my 21st birthday will be this year march, im interested to orders cakes from u, is it possible? do drop me an email. Thanks =)

  17. Melanie Says:

    Why didn’t you share the recipe for the devils food cake and ganache???? I would love to be able to make this cake!

  18. Sherlene Says:

    Hi there! How much do you charge for chocolate/durian cake for 25pax? it’s for my 21st birthday. (: ur cake looks good to me!! (: do email me yea? thanks! (:

  19. jan Says:

    can I beg you for the devils food cake and chocolate ganache recipe? plz… :)

  20. amz Says:

    plzzz could you tell me the recipe to that chocolate cake slice i really wanna make it in my food tec class.

  21. Kava Says:

    I just wanted to tell you: victoria sponge and biscuit, both means the same! I’m from Germany, here it is called “Biskuitteig” , “biscuit” in France for example. Just google “Biskuitteig” for pictures and you will see :)

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