Mad about Purple Macarons

              Inside the macarons

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my tardiness in replying emails the past few weeks. There’s been a sudden influx of requests and enquiries and I haven’t had the chance to sort through all my emails. Please bear with me for the moment!

This post is about another batch of macarons (and a local dessert). The common theme here is the colour purple (or lavender, if you like).

Lavender Macarons

Flavour #4: Lavender macarons with honey vanilla buttercream. I’ve seen lavender used in macarons on several blogs, but haven’t tried it out myself. I wasn’t too sure about this flavour since lavender isn’t commonly used in food around these parts.

The macaron shells gave off a lovely floral scent and I loved the honey vanilla buttercream. But I was definitely too generous with the lavender flowers. Don’t get me wrong; I loved the scent, but once I’d bitten into the macaron, I found the taste too floral. Don’t be fooled by those pretty, tiny lavender buds; they pact a powerful punch flavour-wise. If I ever make these again, I’d definitely be more conservative.

Violette Macaron

Flavour #5: Violette macarons with cassis buttercream. I was more than happy to finally have an excuse to splurge on some Sevarome natural violette paste, although I wonder if I’ll ever be able to finish the entire 1kg tub. The cassis buttercream, made with pure blackcurrant purée, was wonderfully tart and completely delicious with the violette flavoured macaron shells. This flavour is a definite keeper!

              Ubi Macaron with Ubi Paste

Flavour #6: Ubi (yam) macarons with ubi paste. This flavour was first suggested by one of my students, Maggie. Thank you so much for the idea, Maggie! I hope your macaron adventure is going well. :)

This flavour is, without any doubt, my favourite of the lot. The yam paste filling was wonderfully fragrant and smooth. But it does have its “issues”.

First, there’s the extra step of preparing the yam paste. This same yam paste turned the macarons shells soft after a day. The filling is also a lot heavier than buttercream and one runs the risk of the delicate shells collapsing under the weight of the filling if they aren’t consumed within a day of being filled.

Still, I find these macarons irresistable and will certainly be making them again. :) Besides, I have another excusereason for making ubi macarons. I could never use up an entire yam for the macaron filling, which leads me to the perfect solution for all that leftover root: “or-ni” (dialect pronunciation) or yu4 ni2, è“£ æ³¥!

              Yam Paste Dessert

“Or-ni” is a local Teochew yam paste dessert. It’s made with yam, sugar and oil. The original version of this dessert is served with gingko nuts, pumpkin slices and sugar syrup, although I’ve also seen the paste served with creamy coconut milk.

The raw yam is first steamed and mashed up. It is then combined with sugar, cooked with oil in a wok or large pan until all the ingredients are well combined. By this time, the paste is completely smooth and no longer sticky. The yam paste is then steamed together with pumpkin slices and gingko nuts. Lastly, sugar syrup (boiled optionally with crushed water chestnuts) is poured generously over the paste and served hot. It’s definitely one of my favourite local desserts!

51 Responses to “Mad about Purple Macarons”

  1. noble pig Says:

    These are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Veron Says:

    What lovely purple macarons! Yes, lavender is used a lot here in the U.S. specially in ice cream. I’m not too fond of floral tastes in desserts either but Miette Patisserie in San Fran has a macaron using rose geranium and it’s delicious.

  3. Weylin Says:

    You’re mad, darling. Mad Mad but so GOOD….

  4. sarah mcbride Says:

    BEAUTIFUL. Your blog makes me hungry and sets my sweet tooth pining!
    your pictures are just gorgeous and inspires me to try my hand at a new hobby!

  5. Aunt HN Says:

    Hi Karen, Lovely lavender macarons! Any for me to try?

  6. Sheltie Girl Says:

    The macaroons are fabulous, but the yam dessert really caught my attention. Steamed yam with pumpkin slices and sugar syrup with water chestnuts…Wow! It sounds like a heavenly dessert.

    Natalie @ Gluten a Go Go

  7. Gwennie Says:

    Beautiful! I found this in a search for macarons (I’m trying my hand at them as well), and found these to be the prettiest. :)

  8. stacie Says:

    Very pretty color macarons!

  9. Michelle Says:

    hi !!! :D ur cakes n everything else is soo pretty!!! :D

    do u take orders??? ((:

  10. Lisa Says:

    Hi Karen!

    I stumbled across your BEAUTIFUL blog today and was fascinated with your white macarons (I too am a macaron-a-holic though not as seasoned as you!) How do they become so white if you are still using (I’m assuming) a traditional ground almond base? Are the white ones made with a different nut/seed powder or still just blanched almonds?

    BEAUTIFUL! I think I may give your black sesame flavor a whirl - if anything for the FANTASTIC visual! Thanks for the idea!


  11. pixxienix Says:

    Where can i get lavender here i wonder.. i definitely loved them when I tried the ones from Canele.

  12. Vega Says:

    Just I’ve discovered your blog. It’s marvellous!

  13. Tartelette Says:

    Too funny, without even seeing your post I just finished a lavender and honey flavored cake, reminded me of my childhood. The macarons turned out gorgeous!

  14. Wayne Says:

    My girlfriend was telling me about macarons and I did a search and I stumble into this blog. Your macarons look great and delicious!!

    I understand that you will not be selling any macaron until further notice.
    Do drop me a mail when you start to accept orders again.

    Thank you! =)

  15. Indigo Says:

    I’ve never got up the nerve to make macarons - often admired how cute they are, but never made them. These pictures with the little bites out of them are enough to change that!! So gorgeous, and beautifully coloured; especially the ubi ones. I’m totally in awe..

  16. r Says:

    i really liek your creativity in your recipes :)
    I usd one of your photos in my blog(mentioning that isn’t mine focourse),and everyone in my family admires your blog

    god bless you and your family

  17. Monkee Says:

    You’re Malaysian aren’t you? OOOO fellow food blogger! Sorry, I have to get a grip of myself. But I just recently ventured into the world of food blogging and it’s great to see another Malaysian in this community. Ubi? Or Ni? Man I have never been so pleased to hear those words!

  18. Karen Says:

    Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to make such lovely comments!

    Natalie: Thanks! I’ll post the recipe if you’re interested. :)

    Michelle: Yes, I take orders. Updates on full or unavailable dates are here.

    Lisa: I use ground almonds or ground hazelnuts for the “white” ones. You might like to bake your macarons on a lower shelf or cover them with an aluminium foil to prevent browning.

    pixxienix: They are available at the floral tea counters. I can’t remember the brand, but there’s one at the basement at Tangs, one at the food hall in Takashimaya and another inside the Market Place supermarket at Raffles City.

    Helen: What a wonderful coincidence! I’m still a little unsure about lavender as a food though. :)

    Wayne: I’ll definitely let you know when macarons are back on the menu!

    Monkee: Actually, I’m Singaporean. :) Welcome to the world of food blogs!

  19. Holly Says:

    Those are just so pretty! Thanks for the flavoring tips!

  20. small cookie Says:

    Hi Karen, simply love the colours. I have something for you. Do check it out here

  21. Nina Says:

    You definitely have the market covered for the perfect macaroon. Well done.

  22. pixxienix Says:

    thank you Karen. Next time i’m in Singapore i’ll go find. pretty inevitable to go to Taka. I’m interested in learning the recipe from you. Do you also teach? I dont mind flying over!

  23. Philia Says:

    hi Karen!!

    your macarons are simply delicious!!! I love the lavender buttercream macarons, they are soooo delicious!!
    Hope my order for sept wld b confirm by u * wink*


  24. Shirley Go Says:

    These look absolutely divine….. I will have to start ordering some of your goodies soon…. curiosity is getting a little too overwhelming…. :-) .. say are you a full time baker now?

  25. Asagi Says:

    Hands down the most gorgeous and yummy looking macaron site that I have seen so far. The feet is amazing! I’ve got inspired to make the macaron fleur de sel from your previous posts, but I failed yesterday while making it according to the french merengue method. It’s so sensitive. I actually over fold the first batch and under fold the second. So now I am left with a hugh batch of salted caramel. Should have stick to the Italian merengue.

    May I ask, How you color the shells, do you use liquid coloring? I have tried adding some raspberry juice one time, but it deflated like crazy.

  26. wendy Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Can I know which oven you are using? I am thinking of getting a new one.

    By the way, do you deliver your macarons?

  27. Karen Says:

    Hi Karen,

    I finally visited your blog after our catch up, and I am absolutely thrilled! I am a FAN :) Love to try out your macarons soon. Would like to order a box, just let me know when you have a breather to bake me a set. thanks!

  28. Joyce Says:

    Hi Karen, been eagerly waiting for your latest blog…..

  29. My Sweet & Saucy Says:

    I love the colors of your macaroons…simply gorgeous!

  30. Nini Says:


    First off all, i love your blog. I love baking and have just decided to take it up seriously :-). Fingers crossed!

    Where do you normally buy your cookie cutters from?

    And what recipe do you use to make the fondant tops for the cookies?


  31. the hightea stamper Says:

    hi mad baker ,
    i realy love your macaron pics .

    i am looking for the recipy of the macarons can you help me out.
    i am from the netherlands and we donnot know these colored /filled macarons .

    kind regards brigitta from the netherlands

  32. Duncan | Syrup&Tang Says:

    I feel bad that I’ve only just discovered your blog. Well done on such fantastic macarons. Beautiful seeing someone writing about experimenting with flavours too!

  33. Karine Says:

    Hi !!!! It’s so good your Blog, can you give me the Purple Macarons’s recipe????

    Thank youuuuuuuuu !!!

    Karine Andolfo

  34. Johnson Says:

    Hi Karen, just stumbled upon ur blog.. VERY nice i must say. but i have one question.. do u sell them? because if so, it saves me alot of time to try and i could savour such nice things that u are showing. especially so coz i want to surprise a frd tis month. so do get back to me about my question. i am so crossing my fingers that u do sell them.

    Thanks and continue to let us, ur readers indulge in ur thoughts.


  35. Alexthepink Says:

    Wow! Beautiful macaroons and great photography!

  36. luvbkg Says:

    Look and sound delicious! What a great hostess gift…do you share recipes? If so, I would love the recipe for these!

  37. jenmc Says:

    Your macarons are gorgeous. Could you please provide me with some insight on freezing filled macarons and defrosting them (I purchased from a bakery as you are completely booked!)? Many thanks!

  38. Jillie Says:

    I have been baking macarons non-stop but have not really produced a successful batch. Very very very frustrating indeed!

    I am wondering if you would be kind enough to share your recipe? I have been using Syrup and Tang’s Italian macaron recipe but my macarons always turn out to be foot-less with a big air pocket.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated… Please help!

  39. Rachelle ~ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" Says:

    I am loving all the macarons too! They are beautiful! One day, I will attempt them.

  40. Sue Says:

    I think your macarons make the most perfect wedding favour. let me know if you are taking orders.

    best regards,

  41. Penny Says:

    Dear Mad BAker–
    I hope u read ur comments– I am in Texas, and I want to make macarons-It will be my first time I have an old oven. I wanted to know if making macarons requires a great oven. When I saw that it took David Lebovitz(whose chocolate macaron receipe I will be using) 7 batches to make them right, it scared me. I mean- He probably has a great oven–mine is crappy.
    Please let me know ur thoughts on doing macarons. Thanks sooo much!!!
    AND - I LOVE ur blog! SO helpful!!
    :) Penny

  42. Jasper Says:

    hmm.. they sure look good. Do u sell them or could u pass me the recipes ? thought of making them for my gf, she’s simply crazy of macarons.

    Maybe you can start a business selling macarons! hahaa.

    THX for the delightful blog u have.


  43. June Says:

    Hello Mad Baker,
    I’ve been so crazy about macarons lately, that I’ve been craving for Canele’s macarons and binging on them but at the cost of it I decided to try baking them myself. I was searching for macaron recipes and I came across your blog, your macarons look absolutely perfect and heavenly!!!
    I was wondering if you could kindly share with me your recipe or tips on handling macarons as I understand that these are naughty little fellas! I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you so much for you help!!

    :) June

  44. Miles Says:

    I was researching macarons as Pierre Herme’s book came out a few months ago and came across your blog and now I have a serious mac problem!

    Any chance of you sharing a base macaron recipe that you’ve had success with (or if we’re lucky enough some of the ones you’ve created already?)

    I just love the floral cominations. such as strawberries and rose, and those purple macs look so delectable

  45. abby Says:

    Hi karen,

    do you still take orders for macarons? Im intending to order about 80pcs for my ROM on 26th sept Kindly let me know if order is possible. thank you.

  46. Cindy Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Saw your lovely lavender macarons. Can you please share your recipe with me? I want to make some for my guests coming this sat. =)

  47. xine Says:

    Would you be willing to share the ube macaron recipe?
    There’s a dehydrated ube product available here that you can reconstitute to make the ube paste, which might take care of the whole “making the ube paste” issue since it’s quite tedious to make(peeling, steaming, mashing etc etc).
    I’d be willing to set up a trade, because I suspect I’m developing a Glenn Close “Fatal attraction” thing with your violet themed macarons.

  48. Jaclyn Says:

    Hi Karen,

    the purple macarons look to-die-for! I’m really interested in having them as wedding favours. Do let me know if you would be open to it.

  49. Jodi O Says:

    Hi there Karen. I just tasted my first macaron on Thursday. Wow - it was amazing. Love the color of the violet ones you made. Would you want to sell a portion of that 1kg???

  50. Daphne Says:

    Hi do you take order? Kindly email me please. Interested in having it as my wedding favours.

  51. ianes Says:

    Hi, can u please give me the recipes for these macarons? i’m in love with macarons and i’m looking for other interesting flavors…. Thanks:)

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