Mad about Decorated Cookies

              Tulip Cookies

I’d been planning on making these cookies since late January, but never got round to it. After teaching a one-on-one decorated cookie class (and dusting off my cookie cutters) just last week, I was once again reminded of the plan I’d shelved in favour of Valentine’s Day macarons.

The wonderful thing about cookie decorating is that you’re free to embellish the cookies in any way you please. To me, an undecorated cookie is like a clean sheet of canvas, just screaming to be painted on. And the icing on the cookie (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) is this: If you’re unhappy with your masterpiece, you can just eat it and no one would be any wiser! Absolutely no waste and completely environmentally friendly too. :o)

              Heart-shaped Cookies

A simple heart-shaped cookie can be personalised with the recipient’s name, a simple message or ornately decorated with dots, swirls and curls.

Wedding Favours

Don’t have much time to mess around with detailed icing? Simply flood your cookies with runny consistency royal icing. This lovely idea for a simple trio of baby hearts comes from Peggy Porschen’s delightful book, Romantic Cakes. I think they make excellent wedding favours!

              Butterfly Cookies

Preferring something a little more ornate myself, I also made butterflies, decked out in pure white. A pair of these would make the perfect wedding favour! And where there are butterflies, there’d also be flowers.

              Tulip Cookies

I went with tulips, complete with leaves and stems. These do take a little more time to make, but the dramatic end results are completely worth the effort!

              Wedding / Birthday Party Favours

And since I already had the cookie dough all rolled out and the royal icing all prepared, I didn’t think it would hurt to try out wedding cake and birthday cake designs. My favourite detail on these cookies are the candles on the birthday cake. And once again, I have Peggy Porschen to thank for these wonderful ideas. :o)

If you’re already sick of looking at cookies by now, I’m afraid my cookie decorating madness isn’t quite over yet. There are more cookie cutters on their way in the mail. I can’t wait for them to arrive!

65 Responses to “Mad about Decorated Cookies”

  1. Jodie | Meringue Says:

    They all look so wonderful! Great work.
    *feeling a need to bake*

  2. sanrio3138 Says:

    Hi Karen, I’m interested in your decorated cookie class. Would appreciate if you could provide me with more details. Regards.

  3. Philia Says:

    Hi Karen

    I am so honoured to received these treats from u!! they are sooo delicious and enchanted, I realli loves them!!

    Thank you for giving me these treats and I must say your macarons tastes heavenly too!!!! Would loves to order other flavours from u soon hehe~


  4. megan Says:

    I love the tulips and butterflys!!!
    Perfect to greet spring. Do you take orders? Ohh, I’ll go look for a cute tulip cookie cutter. Beautiful!

  5. A. Says:

    Hi Karen! I came to your blog via Flickr. Your blog is so lovely I am practically licking the screen. Everything looks so beautiful!

  6. Eva Says:

    Your decorating skills are awesome!

  7. Emily Says:

    Love them all! The birthday cake with the candles is my favorite. Great idea

  8. Leilani Says:

    these look fantastic and I wish I could fly over there for your class. I was wondering though if you would ever think of doing a blog entry on the cooking books you would recommend. I’d be really interested.

  9. Karen Says:

    Thank you for all your kind comments, everyone!

    I’ve just realised that comments had been disabled on this post for the last couple of days and am trying to fix that. :)

  10. Nanette Says:

    I HATE YOU! Well, I hate you in the way that I hate all fabulously talented bakers! :P

    Keep up the inspiring work!

  11. Muffin Says:

    Those are amazingly beautiful.

  12. tara Says:

    I will be bookmarking this page for future inspiration - I love the “event” that is receiving a gorgeously-decorated cookie. The effort is evident, and the results are simply stunning. Well done!

  13. Vitor Hugo Says:

    *__* Amazing! Your skills are awesome. Can I have one? hehehe

  14. Chuck Says:

    Boy, are you ever talented! These cookies have to be the best decorated ones I’ve seen. Beautiful!

  15. whitney Says:

    What perfect cookies!

    Do you share your recipes?

  16. chris Says:

    Karen, nice cookies, where do you order your cookie cutters from?

  17. cakebrain Says:

    those cookies are amazing! Each is a miniature piece of art!

  18. Cecilia Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Your cookie look so pretty, may I know where to get the tulip cookie cutter?

  19. Desiree Says:

    Hi there Karen, I love your cookies, they’re so pretty! I have a question though, hope you don’t mind. I tried decorating them before but the cookies got soft while airing-dry the cookies. Do you just leave them on the counter to air-dry or do you keep them in an airtight container to dry? I’ve long given up because the cookies get soft so quickly :-( Also, I can never get the correct consistency of the icing because whenever I use strong colours like red, the icing gets too liquidy whenever i add too much colouring. Just feel like giving up! Hope you can give me your advice, I trust you!


  20. Karen Says:

    Thank you, all!

    Whitney: I used the recipes in Peggy Porschen’s Romantic Cakes.

    Chris & Cecilia: These days I get my cookie cutters online. I get them from various sites, but I love the copper cookie cutters found here: Another good source is:

    Desiree: I leave the cookies to air-dry on the counter. Turning on the air-conditioning or a fan will help speed up the process. The best thing to do is to ice the cookies on a really hot day. Alternatively, bake your cookies a little crisper than normal.

    For red, mix in the colouring a day ahead. The colour will get darker over time, so you don’t have to mix in that much colouring. You might also like to try using Wilton coloring paste instead of liquid colouring.

    Hope this helps!

  21. chris Says:


    Thanks for sharing the websites. What is the min that you usually order so that the shipping cost per piece will be minimized?

  22. Cheryl Says:

    Everything is always so bright, beautiful and perfect on your site. Its like a ray of sunshine after a weekend of clouds and rain.

  23. Caitlin Says:

    I just found your site and it’s amazing!! I love meticulous decoration, so I’m impressed. I have a kind of off topic question…. I have the same wordpress template as you. How did you get your header picture to fit the rounded corners? Mine won’t do that…

    Thanks, and love your blog!


  24. danielle Says:

    i’m going to a puppy party (yes, no kidding) this weekend and am thinking of making some frosted sugar cookies too.. wish me luck!

  25. Tartelette Says:

    Once again you have worked your magic! Just gorgeous!

  26. Bakerette Says:

    Hi, your cookies are amazing. I have the peggy porschen book and it inspired me to buy tons of cutters…how do you find the time for all this??

  27. Daphne Says:

    Your cookies are so pretty and perfect! :D

  28. Robin Rivers Says:

    The tulips and butterflies are so Spring I just want to keep them close to remind me of the sunshine we aren’t getting in my neck of the woods.

    Just gorgeous…

  29. Antonio Says:

    those cookies are stunning!! it’s been a while since your last post; I hope everything is going great! I can’t wait to see what you’re Mad About next : )

  30. Antonio Says:

    Hi Karen!! I’ve presented you with an award on my blog!

  31. Karen Says:

    Thank you, all!

    Chris: Hmm, I usually order about 5 - 8 cookie cutters, but since I can’t get them locally, I’m not too concerned about the shipping costs.

    Antonio: Thanks! Which reminds me that I still have 2 memes to pass on!

  32. Ashley Lynn Says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could tell me how you tint your royal icing with out it tasting bitter? I have heard of using lemon juice and/or a pinch of salt to counter act the bitterness. I use gel colors currently. Just a student looking to improve on her skills.

  33. Wendy Says:

    I was looking at your photo’s…beautiful! Can I ask what camera you use? How do you do your lighting for your cookie shots? Thanks

  34. Tanisha Says:

    Hi there,
    WOW your cookies are just amazing and sooooooo cute! I just got into decorated cookies. Trying cookies recipes til I find the one I like! I think I found it yay! I have been decorating cakes for a long time now and never got into the cookie thing but for some reason this year I had the urge to do cookies and stop the cake thing for right now! I am learning that I am enjoying cookies more lol! They are alot of fun and addicting lol! Well keep up the beautiful work! They are so pretty!

  35. christine Says:

    hi, i will be holding my wedding next yr may…looking ard for wedding favours. would like to enquire for the price of wedding cake and birthday cake cookie designs & wedding-themed cookies, i need abt 350pc. thkq

  36. Lisa Kennedy Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the photos and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!!!

  37. danielle Says:

    hi-i would love to know what camera you use, too!

  38. lian Says:

    Hi Karen

    I would be interested in signing up for your baking and cookie classes. Well Done

  39. Ell Says:

    Hey, do you happen to organize any classes? I would be interested to sign up. (: Do give me a reply at my mail, ya?

  40. Clarice Says:

    Hi Karen,

    How do I place my order as this is my first time visiting your website and would like to know more.

    Thanks & Cheers

  41. Rhiannon Says:

    Wow! You must have a seriously steady hand!. I love the white on white butterflies, and the gorgeous use of colour! Really nice, happy vibrant.

  42. celina david Says:

    Dear Karen,

    Your cookies are perfect and such an inspiration. Even the photos you took are so really good. I’m trying to perfect my hand-iced cookies and hopefully go fulltime on making and selling them here in Manila, Philippines.


  43. Nora Says:

    Hi Karen, I’m interested to join your decorated cookies class. Could you email me the details?

  44. nayonica Says:

    hi karen ,

    i’m interested to know more bout ur decorated cookies class… could you email me the details ?


  45. L.T Tey Says:

    hi karen,
    interested in ur cookies, wonder do u take order, will be holding my wedding at may 09. pls email me the detail. thkq

  46. Ruliyah Jambri Says:

    Hi Karen,
    will there by any classes for cookie and macaroons in the near future
    pls advise soon

  47. Shirleen Says:

    Hi,would like to check with how much a cookie…thanks

  48. crystella Says:

    Hi Karen,
    I would love to join your cookies decor and macaroons class. Could you email me class details, pls?

  49. Felicia Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Interested in attending your classes too.

    How much do you charge for baking the cookies and macarons? Thinking of having it for my wedding in Nov.

    Pls. drop me an email on the details. Thanks.

  50. Shu Min Says:

    I’m interested to order cookies for my baby shower. Do you take a orders?
    Pls drop me an email on the details

  51. Yvonne Says:

    Do you do smiley faces cookies?I need them for wedding favour.
    Please drop me an email if you do.
    Thank you!

  52. Yuanita Says:

    Hi Karen,

    we are interested in ordering muffins/macaroons for a friend’s wedding.

    Do you take orders?

    hope to hear from you soon.


  53. Dawn Says:

    Hi Karen,

    I love what you have done with your cookies. They are soooo beautiful. Do you take orders? I would like to get some for my daughter’s full month, which is likely to be 1st week Feb 2010. :) Let me know?


  54. Paul Says:

    Hi karen!
    Wow, im astonished at your amazing ability to work with cookies (and the icing). I have a question, So im looking for a GOOD icing/frosting cookie recipe, ive tried ohh soo many and they are all sooo liquid, i just wanted to see if you could give me the recipe that YOU use, i mean the cookies look amazing and you can also stack them!!!! I will be very grateful if you respond super quick (i have to make some cookies to celebrate in half a week!)
    Thanks :),

  55. Karen Says:

    Dawn: Thank you for your really nice comments. I don’t take orders anymore due to work commitments. Have a smooth sailing pregnancy! :)

    Paul: I used the recipe from Peggy Porschen’s books. Another blogger has listed the recipe here. Happy decorating!

  56. Nani M B Says:

    I’m impressed with the creation.
    Could you guide me how to get the cookie’s cutter
    and the bright coloring.
    Hope all your success

  57. Carol Tan Says:

    dear Karen,

    im interested in ur class?? do u have cookies decorating class???

    please drop me an email

  58. dalima Says:

    HI! I’ve been looking for cookie cutters for my aunt…! can I noe where to get those tiered cake shape??? please…

  59. Karen Says:

    dalima: Please read the comment section of this post. I’ve listed a few websites where you can order cookie cutters online.

  60. Mimi Says:

    Felicidades!!!! . . . Todas estan realmente hermosas!!!! . . . which means Congratulations!!! . . . All are really beautiful!!! . . . I´m from Cancun, México and it was nice to saw all your awesome cookie arts . . . Best regards! . . . Mimí

  61. Rebecca Says:

    You do beautiful work! Something for me to aspire to! Thanks for sharing.

  62. Jaclyn Says:

    hi Karen!

    your cookies look lovely! How can I purchase them?

  63. Massha Says:

    Your cookies are pretty! Any way to purchase them?

  64. J0 Says:

    Lovely lovely!! You sure are talented! I bet they taste just as great! I tried to do but not too successful.

    I know of a few sites that sell decorated cookies so all of you can consider too if Karen doesn’t take orders.


  65. LilaLoa Says:

    OH — those butterfly cookies are breathtaking!

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