Mad about Raspberry Jam Cookies

              Raspberry Jam Cookies

The idea for these very pretty looking cookies comes from Delicious Days, a delightful blog owned by a German couple living in Munich. I was so inspired by the gorgeous photographs of Nicky’s Brombeerbusserl that I couldn’t wait to make my own version.

Raspberry Jam Cookies

I finally got a chance make them with a slight modification to the recipe last week (more than a year after I’d first read about them!). The cookie dough was simple to make, but required some strength to pipe through the nozzle onto the tray. They had a thin crunchy shell and a soft centre fresh out of the oven. I’d expected the cookies to stay crisp on the outside, given the drier climate here in Germany, but they were melt-in-your-mouth soft by the next morning.

              Cookie Jar

The only dilema I faced while making these cookies was selecting an appropriate jam. And what a wonderful dilema it was, for I was completely spoilt for choice; there were more than 30 bottles of jams and preserves (black/red currant, blackberry, raspberry, quince, apple) stored in Harald’s family home cellar, every one of them homemade in summers past!

Raspberry Jam Cookies

I finally settled on a raspberry jam filling. The end result was a delightfully melt-on-your-tongue soft cookie with a hint of fruit. Although I’d have preferred a slightly crunchier cookie, I’ll definitely be making these again, perhaps with a further modification for more crunch and a little more jam for more fruity flavour. Sandwiched with a suitable jam filling, these may just be perfect for the coming Lunar New Year. I’m thinking homemade pineapple jam or orange marmalade. More suggestions, anyone?

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  1. Miri Says:

    Hi Karen,

    I was delighted to discover your blog and watch those beautiful pictures of your beautiful (and I bet sooo tasty) food-creations!
    I am an amateur baker and some day I hope I make great looking stuff like these… :)
    Anyway, I noticed that most of your posts don’t include a recipe. I assume that’s because you’re selling your products. Nevertheless, I think that the people that buy your cakes and cookies buy them because they can’t or won’t make them by themselves, and not because of the lack of a good recipe. Furthermore, I bet your blog readers that are amateur bakers like myself, would very much appreciate you publishing recipes every now and then, and I think it would bring more people to your blog.
    So I kindly ask you, if you can, to publish some of the recipes to the mouth-watering creations we witness here on your blog.


  2. Stef Says:

    Wow Karen…those look yummy.
    Hope you had fun in London…

    I think a grapefruit-citrus marmalade will be excellent, cutting thru the richness of this cookie. Let me make you a bottle when we next meet! =)

  3. Patricia Scarpin Says:

    They look wonderful, Karen!
    Thank you for the other recipe - my boss is German, I can ask for his help.

  4. jacquelyn Says:

    another recipe begger, why beat about the bush when you just want recipes of what karen is selling?

  5. Susan from Food Blogga Says:

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. These are lovely cookies, as are all of your recipes and photos that I’ve just clicked on.

  6. Chris Says:

    I was just thinking the same as Stef! Grapefruit-citrus is the way to go with these cookies. Creates a sweet-tangy flavour. :0)

  7. khano Says:

    THANKS so much for your reply in the previous entry..a pity they ran out of the dried egg whites when i those cookies look great!

    now where can i get fleur de sel aye?

  8. Stephanie Says:

    I wish I had your dilemma…because my dilemma is being at work and staring at these delectable cookies, knowing that I don’t have any to eat :)

  9. JEP Says:

    Mmm…these look so delicate & melt-in-your-mouth-like:)

  10. Ching'er Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Just happened to have a chance to read through your blog. Those creations are all so pretty!!! Hope to have a chance to purchase your creation.

  11. Karen Says:

    Miri: Thank you for your feedback. While I’d love to share recipes, my greatest concern is that others will use my recipes to bake the same items and put them up for sale. I hope you understand. I’ll try to share recipes of other items that aren’t on the menu.

    Stef: Thanks! I’m looking forward to the marmalade. London was fabulous!

    Jacquelyn: Thank you so much for looking after my interests. :) I really wouldn’t have a problem sharing my recipes if I knew with certainty that they’d only be used for personal consumption.

    Patricia: You’re most welcome. I hope the recipe works out.

    Susan, Chris, Stephanie, JEP & Ching’er: Thank you very much for your lovely comments!

    khano: I’ve seen fleur de sel at Bunalun at Holland Village, but that was more than a year ago. I don’t know if they still carry it.

  12. Venus Says:

    Hi there ~

    I happened to came across your photos on flickr then again and again thru several other bloggers and I just have to say that I am a devoted fans now =)

    I am looking forward to see what you will whip up in the kitchen next~


  13. Sheri Wetherell Says:

    I’m happy that I stumbled upon your blog! Your creations look divine and your pictures are wonderful! I will return!! Thanks

  14. Aunt HN Says:

    Hi Karen,

    The raspberry jam cookies are real yummy. Would like to order a dozen for Chinese New Year.

  15. cheryl Says:

    Love these cookies. And what a cute cookie jar too.

  16. Acer Says:

    Oh, pics look really melt-in-your-mouth-like lol =)

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