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Jen from Milk and Cookies has very kindly presented me with the Yummy Blog Award. Thank you, Jen! By my count, I’m the fifth recipient of this award, created by Meisha of meisha in progress for Culinary Creativity.

I’d like to pass this award on to the more than deserving Lynn of Enchanté. This Le Cordon Blu trained pastry chef makes the most beautiful desserts and gives lessons in pastry too. Have I mentioned that she takes gorgeous photographs of all her wonderfully original creations?

3 Responses to “Mad about Yummy Blog Award”

  1. Meisha Says:

    Congratulations! Just looking at your most recent posts is making my mouth water, and your photos are gorgeous!

  2. jenjen Says:

    You are more than deserving of this award. And it looks like you have been mighty busy. Hope you have a great Christmas and a nice holiday!

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Congrats !! All your pictures always look so good !! When are u staring your baking class ? I would love to attend. Pls let me know


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