Happy Holidays!

Christmas Cookie Collage

After an insane 20-day-long Christmas baking schedule, I’m ready for an extended break.

Gingerbread Order - Corporate RWS

Baking this year has been loads of fun, but at times, it has also been extremely challenging and exhausting, especially in the last 3 weeks. I suppose it was inevitable, with 418 macarons, 250 gingerbread cookies, 6 gingerbread Christmas trees, 30 cakes on the Christmas baking schedule and just one oven and one pair of hands!

Christmas Macarons/

Looking back, I’ve realised that this past year held several “firsts” for me; 1st press interview and press mention, 1st blog award, 1st corporate order, 1st time taking Christmas orders. I’m not sure if next year will be as exciting, but I’ll be beginning 2008 by teaching my 1st ever individual hands-on baking class!

Corporate Request - RWS

None of these would have been possible without you (my dear blog readers and generous clients), so here’s a big thank you to all of you, for your support, wonderful comments and feedback this past year!

Gingerbread Snowflakes

For now, Harald and I are off to Germany (and London) for a month of R&R! So here’s wishing everyone a happy Christmas and wonderful New Year!

15 Responses to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Jo Says:

    thats alot of bakes!!!
    Hands on class?? I look forward to your class yea =)
    Happy Holidays

    Merry Xmas to u and your family

  2. Karen Says:

    Thanks, Jo!

    It’s a private one-on-one class and I only agreed to it because she’s flying in all the way from Australia. :o)

  3. Jo Says:

    Wow… cool… hey.. i fly from elewhere can? then u teach me? haha kidding.. anyway all the best =)

  4. zinnur Says:

    Karen, i recently discovered your blog, and have been admiring everything –especially the macarons– on your archive since. I have made macarons myself, and have been somewhat succesful (after many tries), but i am still trying to see if i can incorporate different flavors, and develop a better technique. i am going to try the Italian meringue technique next. What i want to ask you is this: how do you flavor the macaron shells? For example, when you talk of a mango macaron, is the mango only in the filling? Is there a way of flavoring the shell with other than freeze-dried fruit powders? i have tried to incorporate little amounts of liquid flavors, and have not been successful.

    i wish you happy holidays with your loved ones,

  5. Wai Loong Says:

    Merry Christmas and enjoy a very happy New Year ahead! ;-)

  6. Janice Tang Says:

    Merry Christmas!!

  7. Adeline Says:

    Hi Karen, thanks for the tip about using sponge fingers, can’t wait to try. You are indeed wonderful, meeting all those orders on your own. I was exhausted after 50+ cookies, and not without help of my daughter. All the best for 2008.

  8. MariannaF Says:

    oh my goodness, those numbers are huge! in just 3 weeks! how impressive!! especially for the macarons- which i still cant figure out how to bloody make them!! argh!
    all the best for 2008- i guess yours will be a very sugary one!

  9. fahmi Says:


    one que though..how do u make the macaroons rise so evenly??

  10. Millie Says:

    Hi Karen,
    I’ve been reading your blog since October I believe.
    I also have a great passion for pastries.
    And I’m very excited to read that you do give lessons!
    I’m an international student in the United States,
    I’m wondering if i could stop by Singapore and take some lessons with you before I go back to Taiwan?

    Best wishes and have a safe trip!

  11. TSK Says:

    Hi mad baker may i know where u purchase framboise frm?

  12. Karen Says:

    zinnur: I usually add a small amount of fruit puree and haven’t had any problems.

    Wai Loong & Janice: Thanks! All the best in 2008!

    Adeline: Thanks! Glad to be of help.

    Marianna: Thanks! Don’t give up on the macarons. You’ll get there soon!

    fahmi: Thanks! Make sure the batter is mixed properly and evenly piped.

    Millie: Please send me an email and we can try to work something out. :o)

    TSK: You can get raspberries at Cold Storage. Sometimes you can get them at the wet market too.

  13. TSK Says:

    oh sorry i meant framboise liquor ?

  14. April Says:

    Dear Karen,

    Wow simply love your pastries…
    Do you sell them?
    Pls let me know ….tks….

  15. nada Says:

    Hi…the stuffs are awesome
    Could you please advise me on how to make the frost (the icing which used to decorate the cookies)

    Please please mail me to pbpuff@hotmail.com

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