Mad about Strawberries

Another Birthday Cake

The thing about using fresh strawberries (or any fresh fruit for that matter) in cakes is that one is always at the mercy of the latest shipment that arrives from where ever it is that the local supermarkets or grocers at the wet market get their fruit.

Personalised Birthday Cake

The truth be told, I get just a little nervous whenever I receive orders for strawberry cakes because I never quite know what I’m going to find on the supermarket shelves. This is especially true in the period between the end of the US season and the beginning of the Australian / New Zealand season. There have been days when I almost cried tears of dismay at the awful state of the strawberries that were available - over-ripened ones that were already beginning to turn to mush, under-ripened ones that were 1/3 greenish white, monsterously huge ones and sad tiny ones (both kinds in the same punnet) - I’ve seen them all.

Birthday Cake

These days, I get my strawberies from the fruit stands at the local wet markets and they’ve been great so far. I believe it’s because the grocers are more fastidious when picking produce for their stalls. Now if only the supermarkets could afford the time to sort their produce…

Cheesecake with Strawberries

The cheesecake pictured here is the 1st cheesecake order I’ve received. Many thanks to L for giving me room to experiment with a new recipe!

17 Responses to “Mad about Strawberries”

  1. Cleopatra Says:

    Wow!!! The strawberry cake looks so yummy…

  2. Jo Says:

    looks good karen =) esp the cheesecake

  3. shan Says:

    hi there,
    Can you please contact me at 98183110 for orders
    Thank you!


  4. Lyna Says:

    The Cheesecake was fantastic! I love the thick crust with the light and smooth filling.

    I’ll order more in the future with different flavours !

  5. Karen Says:

    Cleopatra & Jo: Thank you!

    Shan: We’ve spoken. Please let me know when you’re ready to place an order.

    Lyna: Thank you! It was absolutely generous of you to let me try something I’d yet to make before.

  6. Jerry Says:

    Beeeeautiful! If I only had the time!

  7. Adeline Says:

    Hi Karen
    Beautiful bake, i’m new to this hobby and it’s really addictive cos I cannot afford to put on weight and only rely on people around me to eat whatever I have been making. Share your sentiments re strawberries, do you sweeten them or just use them in original state/taste? They are really sour! Lots to learn from everyone, hope you don’t mind me asking questions. TIA

  8. Karen Says:

    Thanks, Jerry! :)

    Adeline: Yes, the strawberries can be sour sometimes. I don’t sweeten the strawberries at all unless I’m making a strawberry compote for the filling.

  9. Adeline Says:

    Thanks Karen! Another question, did you add on the sponge fingers after baking the cake or are they non-bake cakes? I tried a non-bake cake and lined the edge with sponge fingers. I had also lined the cake pan with aluminium foil and that was stuck to the sponge fingers, which weren’t even dipped into any syrup or cream. Is there another way around this sticky problem? TIA again!

  10. magdalene Says:

    Hi! do you still take orders?

  11. lital Says:

    hi karen,

    I was wondering about the cake with lady fingers, is that a mousse cake? sponge layers? is it made with chocolate?? can you make this cake for diabetics? and last question… what size is it coming in? 10 inch?

    thank you

  12. Karen Says:

    Jerry: Thank you!

    Adeline: I added on the sponge fingers after baking the cake. You might like to try lining the pan with baking parchment instead of aluminium foil.

    Magdalene: Thank you for your enquiry! Yes, I do take orders, but I’m current fully booked until 20 Dec. Please check here for updates on fully booked or unavailable dates.

    lital: It’s not a mousse cake. It has sponge layers. The insides are different on both cakes. The description can be found here under Cakes. The cakes range from 9 - 10 “, depending on how much the cake shrinks after baking. I’m not sure how to make it for diabetics, other than to reduce the amount of sugar. I have not tried baking with sugar substitutes.

  13. Dreo Says:

    I’m mad about strawberries and totally mad about your work !
    Great job !
    A french fan…

  14. Serene Says:

    Hi, I have been baking for only about a year and still have lots to learn.
    Your cakes look real good, no doubts about the taste! ;)
    I am currently staying overseas and am looking for a good recipe for sponge cake. Something as good as optima flour as its not available here.
    I am wondering if u have any recomendations for me??
    Hope to hear from u soon, thanks!

  15. Julie Says:

    I want to make my husband a strawberry cake for his birthday, and saw your blog. This cake you made is absolutely beautiful!

  16. Joey Says:

    hi karen,
    looking at your strawberry cake makes me drool..
    i would like to make order for next mth bday event.. can u kindly contact me at 96683476 for details.. tks ya.. hope to hear from u soon..

  17. Justina Lim Says:

    Hi, how much is Mad about Strawberries & how many kg does it weigh? How many people can eat? Please text me at 92398737 as I’m looking for a a cake for my 21st birthday next Monday! Thanks.

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