Mad about Orange Dark Chocolate Muffins

Orange Chocolate Muffins

I’ve received many requests for chocolate muffins in the last few weeks, but since I wasn’t completely satisfied with the recipe I had, I was very reluctant to make them, much less put them up for sale.

I finally found some time this week, not only to tweak my chocolate muffin recipe, but to try out the oft-recommended flavour marriage of orange and chocolate.

Orange Chocolate Muffins

These orange dark chocolate muffins contain Valrhona Manjari (64%), a generous splash of Grand Marnier and orange zest. While the domes here are not as dramatic as the blueberry muffins, I love how the crisp, chocolate chip studded tops give way to a delicate cake-like crumb. My favourite part about these little pillowy treats is the aromatic citrus overtone.

               Chocolate Muffins with Grand Marnier

I’m really pleased with the results and even more delighted that I won’t have to say “no” the next time someone asks for chocolate muffins.

Available for purchase: 12 Orange Dark Chocolate Muffins made with Valrhona Manjari @ a Price of $25. Chocolate Only Variation @ a Price of $24.

19 Responses to “Mad about Orange Dark Chocolate Muffins”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I thought Manjari is 64% and not 65%.

  2. Hannah Says:

    Wow, truly stunning pictures! I love those colors together, and it’s all so bright and cheerful. Not to mention, those muffins look like incredibly delicious little morsels!

  3. Amrita Says:

    OOOOH they look so good karen! So pretty and perfect! I, on the other hand, have yet to find a good double chocolate muffin recipe that doesn’t taste like crud :O

  4. Karen Says:

    Anonymous: Yes, you’re right. It should have been 64%. Thanks!

    Thanks, Hannah & Amrita!

  5. Anita Says:

    I love chocolate and orange together…looks delicious!

  6. Patricia Scarpin Says:

    Fantastic muffins - I’m crazy about this combination of flavors!

  7. Mad Baker's Apprentice Says:

    I brought 3 of the muffins to the office today and I have to say they are all gone :) The blend of orange with dark chocolate goes very well together. I love them and I can only recommend them to everyone else to try!

  8. pinkconfetti Says:

    hi! can i ask what are the size of these muffins? they look fantastic! but i have to get past the macarons addiction first! my gf just told me that the mango is really good! so i gotta try that next karen!

  9. Karen Says:

    Thank you, Anita & Patricia! I really like the combination too.

    MBA: I hope you didn’t eat all of them on your own! :D

    T: The muffins are pretty much regular sized, about 3 inches in diameter. I’ll definitely let you know the next time I have extra mango macarons!

  10. Gigi Says:

    They look absolutely divine!

  11. Cindy Says:

    Those are very very nice pictures!
    Good job!

  12. pinkconfetti Says:

    dear karen,

    where can we find heavy cream from? or is it possible to substitute it with something else? i did manage to find double cream - at the very high cost of $7 for a tiny tiny bottle!


  13. Karen Says:

    Thank you, Gigi & Cindy!

    Hi T, you can use President dairy whipping cream as a substitute. It’s available at Cold Storage between $9 - $10 for a litre. For a cheaper alternative, you can try this other brand, Millac, which is available at Phoon Huat for around $6. Hope this helps!

  14. Irene Says:

    Hi mad baker,

    i would like to book a french strawberry shortcake for december. I have a special request, if its possible. Could you kindly drop me an email asap? thank you.

  15. Cynthia Cheong Says:

    Hi I happen to stumble into your website looking for recipes.

    Your pictures are lovely and delicious.

    Do you conduct classes and where can I purchase your cakes?

    thank you.

  16. Karen Says:

    Cynthia: I conduct classes by appointment. Please send me an email. My contact information can be found here.

  17. Vivi@miyake Says:

    Hi Karen,

    ive tried making my own chocolate muffins with orange zest..
    however they taste bitter despite mi making the effort of carefully not including the orange pith..

    why is tat so?..

    thank you very much if u care to share…

    oso i wld like to order a cake for 21st dec as well…will you be accepting orders then?

  18. Helen Says:


    Hannah and helen

  19. parisbreakfast Says:

    Valrhona Manjari chocolat!
    Miam miam

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