Mad about My First Press Mention

1st ever Press Mention

This post is a little late, but here it is anyway:

Mad Baker was featured in an article about “online bakeshops” in the weekend edition of a local newspaper, Today, on 22 - 23 September 2007.

I didn’t have time to make macarons for Audrey (Phoon), the really sweet executive writer from Today who interviewed me, but I did manage to whip up a few blueberry muffins for her. I’m really glad that the review was good. :)

I’ve received more orders for muffins (and macarons) since the article was published. Many thanks to Audrey’s friend who told her about my blog!

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  1. danielle bumblebee Says:

    congrats karen! u deserve it..

    i too had an interview recently for macarune.. hopefully i’ll have good reviews like u did.. fingers crossed!

  2. Wai Loong Says:

    Hello Karen!

    Congratulations for the appearance on Today (might not be today as I could have missed your blog post by a day or more)!

    I tried a sneaky search on todayonline and only manage to find this article which Audrey Phoon has put together on an article that features many other online bakery shops.

    One of them sounds very similar to yours and it’s called “Baked Ideas’” by Karen Huang. Is that yours? I didn’t know that you’ve got another business blog.

    Anyway, keep up the excellent work and I trust you will get more free advertisements in the future! ;-)

    Eat Like Us’s Weblog:

  3. Karen Says:

    Thanks, Danielle!

    Hi Wai Loong,

    Thanks! Yes, that is the article. It was published 2 weekends ago. My blog was not featured in the main article, but in the side column (with photos), where the reviews were given. See the link below for the text version of the side column (slightly different from the printed version. I’m guessing it’s the pre-edited version):

    Today Online:

    Nope, “Baked Ideas” belongs to another Karen. :D

  4. Wai Loong Says:

    Wow… I guess you must be completely thrilled! ;-)

    Anyway, I guess that’s a great start as more media exposures will possibily skyrocket your work into a full blown business!

    Congrats again!

  5. Yujai Says:

    Congratulations!! Your blog is full of inspirations, looking forward to your future bakes!
    Hopefully I can make macarons as good as you are!

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