Mad about Generous Friends

My Macarons

My fridge is overflowing with a huge giraffe cake (more about that in a later post) and you’ve guessed it, macarons! Some of these miniature confections were my own, but some were from various famed pâtisseries around Europe, brought back by very generous friends who’d travelled there recently.

Luxemburgerli from Zurich

3 weeks ago, my husband and I met up with a friend at a party. He mentioned that he was leaving for Zurich on a work-related trip the following week. We suggested that he visit Sprüngli in his spare time there and try at least one of their popular luxemburgerlis. 2 weeks went by and I’d completely forgotten about the conversation that we’d had about Sprüngli, which was why I was completely surprised to receive a message from him last week, telling me that he’d got us a box of (close to 40) luxemburgerlis! Thank you, CR! We really enjoyed them. :D

Macarons from Ladurée, Paris

Today, I met up with another friend for lunch. She’d just got back from Paris on a work trip last week and had bought me a box of beautifully packaged macarons from Ladurée! I was really touched that she’d gone out of her way to get me these “cookies”. Thank you so much, HL, for the macarons and for everything else that we’ve shared in the last few months! :P

Macarons from Ladurée, Paris

I feel really blessed to have such wonderful friends! Wouldn’t you?

12 Responses to “Mad about Generous Friends”

  1. Felicia Says:

    Hi! Your macarons always look so lovely, sigh, I tried my hand at it recently but my macaron always end up with lopsided feet… Do u know what I did wrong? I would really appreciate ur help!

  2. Amrita Says:

    I love how the luxemburgerli look slightly different from macarons…They look almost like actual colored eggshells…I wonder how they do it!

    You can send some over if you find that your fridge is too full!! :op

  3. Bernice Says:

    I love the vibrant colours and I’m sure they taste as good as they look!!! Your friends are simply soooo sweeeet!!! I’ll feel really blessed to have such wonderful friends too. :)

  4. maria~ Says:

    Wow! I’m sooo jealous of those luscious-looking maccarons, from Paris no less! Enjoy! :D

  5. HL Says:

    Your own macarons look the nicest! I quite like the Ladurée macaron fillings though.

  6. Anita Says:

    Your photos are really gorgeous. And you are lucky to have so many delicious macarons to eat!

  7. Karen Says:

    Felicia: Thanks! I’ve replied your emails.

    Amrita, Bernice, Maria: Thank you!

    Anita: Thanks! You have really gorgeous photographs on your blog too. :)

    HL: Thank you for the macarons! I liked the Ladurée fillings very much too, except for the blackcurrant jam, which was really sweet. The licorice one (black) was really interesting - it had an almost savoury, peppery sort of taste.

  8. audrey Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Ive got a question about your macarons..

    do you use store bought ground almonds and from which store if so?

    i currently use the Red Man brand ground almonds and while the shape and structure of the domes are lovely, their surfaces are not!!!! They look sort of pimply. I think it is due to the coarseness of the ground almonds i use..

  9. Karen Says:

    Hi Audrey, regardless of the brand you use, if you want smoother surfaces, you HAVE to sift the ground almonds at least once to get rid of the larger pieces. If you still end up with coarse surfaces, your sieve may not be fine enough. Hope this helps!

  10. audrey Says:

    haha yes it does! thanks much! =)

  11. sandii Says:

    You sure are lucky to hv such fabulous friends….not many get the chance to try macs flown in from paris.

    So how does the Laduree and Luxemburgerlismacs taste N texture like….any different from the home made macarons.

    U sure are a lucky gal

  12. Janet Says:

    Your macarons look so good and gorgeous!!! I love macarons and I have been learning to make them and have just got the right shape after 8 trials. Do you know how to make coffee taste macaron and filling and can you give me some hints? I really appreciate your help.

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