Mad about Sugar Paste Roses

              Miniature Rose Cakes

I really wasn’t going to make more sugar paste cakes so soon, but the beautiful photos of sugar paste roses in Peggy Porschen’s Romantic Cakes were so inspiring that I couldn’t help myself.

Sugar Paste Roses

Sadly, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t tease the rose petals to take on the life-like frilly edges (no amount of rolling or pressing with the bone tool produced the desired result) and I finally settled for smaller blooms.

Miniature Rose Cakes

While the roses here are a far cry from the gorgeous ones in the book, I was so delighted with how the cakes turned out that I might just attempt a small 2-tiered cake next.

14 Responses to “Mad about Sugar Paste Roses”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Hi! Been a lurker of your blog for a long time. I just need to congratulate you on the beautiful roses. Well done!

  2. Mags Says:

    I love your roses…they’re beautiful.

  3. Billie Says:

    be-yoo-tiful cakes. bravo!

  4. Landa Says:

    Your roses are lovely. Dont you love Peggy’s books?

  5. Karen Says:

    Thank you, Rebecca, Mags, Billie and Landa!

    Landa: Yes, her books are wonderful!

  6. Wendy Says:

    I really love your roses *=*

  7. Wai Loong Says:

    Hello Karen!

    Hope you can still remember me!

    It’s been a long time since I hear from you.
    Your bakery is becoming a mastery!
    I wonder if you bake mooncakes as well? ;-)

    Keep in touch!

  8. Karen Says:

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Wai Loong: Of course I remember you. :) I’ve been to your blog several times. Thought-provoking material you have on there! I haven’t tried making mooncakes. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot next year.

  9. Wai Loong Says:

    Haha! Thanks for the kind feedback!

    Maybe you can plan to catch some seasonal waves if you are not too busy?
    I highly recommend that you consider (gift) packaging options, feedback polls or collect testimonials from your customers that you may want to use?

    Of course, then you will build to become a full time professional - if that is where your passion lies!

    Anyway, keep up the excellent work!

  10. yels Says:

    your roses are bee-yo-ti-fullll! ;)

  11. Pinky Says:

    they are so pretty :)

  12. Nicole Says:

    To get the frilly edges to the roses, you want to use the ball end of a sugarpaste tool and run it along the edge with the petal on a peice of thick shaping foam like this one It’s not hard if you practice with it some. It will make the edges thinner for you. Hope you find it helpful!

  13. Karen Says:

    yels & Pinky: Thank you!

    Nicole: Thank you so much for the tip! I haven’t worked with sugar paste much since this last attempt, but I’ll definitely try your tip out the next time I make these roses.

  14. Josephine Says:

    Nice!!! i’m totally speechless.

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