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Mad about A Royal Icing Teaser

Thursday, August 30th, 2007


Just a photo teaser for now. The plan is to use these pretty butterflies on miniature cakes covered with sugar paste when I finally find some time to bake.

My Nikon D40 has been acting up lately, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to take some photos when I’m done with the cakes.

Butterfly Outlines


Butterfly Wings

Filled wings.

Royal Icing Butterflies

Finished butterflies.

Mad about a French Strawberry Cake Order

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

French Strawberry Cake

I’ve been busy with other non-baking/cooking related matters these last couple of weeks and haven’t been baking as much as I’d have liked. This particular order had been placed several weeks in advance and I was glad to have an excuse to fire up my oven. Since I’d made this particular cake only once prior to this, I thought it would be prudent to get some practice in first.

Both cakes here have 3 layers of sponge cake (instead of 4) and were sandwiched with strawberries and cream. The one above is the trial version.

French Strawberry Cake Order

I’d toyed with the idea of using non-dairy whipped cream since it’s supposed to hold up better in our warm climate, but decided against it once I’d read the ingredient list. Dairy cream might contain fat, not give as smooth a finish and be difficult to pipe, but at least it doesn’t contain a whole list of chemicals whose names I can barely pronounce. :)

Available for Purchase: 9-inch French Strawberry Cake @ a Price of S$60. Variation with Ladyfinger Sponges around the Cake @ S$65.