Mad about More Macaron Flavours

Experimental Flavours

Yesterday I had an epiphany about macarons. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but in my previous post, I wrote that I’d been wondering why 90% of macaron photos I’d seen had filling that could hardly be seen from the outside and I think I may have stumbled upon the reason.

I may be entirely wrong, but it could be because these macaron shells are too soft on the bottom and either collapse under the weight of the filling when the filling is piped on or when they are sandwiched with another shell. This means that even if there’s a load of filling inside, it may not be visible from the outside. Of course, this probably doesn’t apply to ALL macarons with “camera-shy” filling. Some could really just be filled with a small amount of cream/paste.

Black Sesame, Green Tea & Mango Macarons

I experienced this “phenomenon” today with my experimental green tea and mango macaron shells. I’d tweaked my usual recipe a little and the new ratio of dry to wet ingredients didn’t quite work out the way I’d hoped. I prefer my macarons a little firmer on the bottom and not quite so delicate that they collapse when sandwiched or turn soft less than 5 minutes out of the fridge.

But enough about my moment of revelation. This post is really about these new macaron flavours:

Experimental Flavours

Mango Shells with Mango Mousse: The shells had a healthy amount of fruity flavour. The filling was light and ethereal compared to regular buttercream or paste filling. However, I’ve concluded that mousse is too soft a filling for macarons, even though my family liked the combination. The macaron would also have to be consumed within a few hours of being sandwiched, since mousse tends to give off moisture. I think I’ll stick with buttercream blended with mango puree in the future.

Verdict: Mango macarons will be on the menu, but with a further adjustment to the shell recipe and a change in filling.

Green Tea, Mango & Black Sesame Macarons

Green Tea Shells with Chestnut Puree Buttercream Blend: I’d always been hesitant about making green tea macarons, mainly because I’m not a green tea fan. The “herbal” and “earthy” taste of green tea works as a drink for me, but not as a flavouring in cakes or cookies. For these macarons, I used matcha powder, instead of sencha powder. In fact, while I was searching the supermarket shelves for matcha powder, I came across several brands of sencha powder which listed sugar as an ingredient! Apparently, not all powdered green tea are created equal and techically speaking, not all green tea macarons are matcha macarons unless they really contain matcha. But I’m no green tea expert and I digress. :D

Verdict: The green tea macaron was actually surprisingly good and I really liked the chestnut puree buttercream blend, which helped to cut out some of the green tea’s herbal taste. I’ll definitely make this available, once I get the recipe for the shells right.

Black Sesame Macarons Closeup

Black Sesame Shells with White Sesame Paste: These macarons were my favourite flavour of the day. The colour of the shells were wonderful - grey with flecks of black. They reminded me of smooth granite pebbles. The taste was also deliciously nutty and fragrant.

Verdict: A definite keeper, but I’ll be switching to black sesame for the filling. I found that the white sesame paste sometimes left a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Macaron Anatomy

25 Responses to “Mad about More Macaron Flavours”

  1. Amrita Says:

    Honestly, dear, you’re a macaron GOD

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Karen,

    These macs. look gorgeous !
    There is this matcha powder for cakes and pastry selling only at NTUC J8.
    Bought it for a friend recently and the feedback was good. You might want to give it a try. S$5.90 per tin (40g)


  3. landa Says:

    I just bought some black sesame seeds to try this flavor out. Do you add your seeds on top before or after you bake? Yours look absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  4. Karen Says:

    Amrita: Ehrm, thanks! :D

    Jennifer: Thanks for the tip! I bought mine from Marketplace at Vivo City. S$10.40 per tin (30g). The sencha was so much cheaper. I’ll try the J8 one when I run out, which I’m hoping is not anytime soon!

    Landa: Thanks! I add the decorative seeds after. I thought they may burn in the oven, which is why I left them out. I guess it can’t hurt to try it out on a few!

  5. Amrita Says:

    Karen :)

    Do you grind the sesame seeds yourself? Or is it ok to use those sesame powder things they sell? Do you add a lil icing sugar while grinding?

  6. Mary Says:

    lovely macs espeacially the sesame seeds. Did u subsitute the almond with all sesame powder or just add a bit to the mixture because it has a dark colour in them?

  7. Karen Says:

    Amrita: I didn’t know sesame powder could be bought. Some icing sugar helps to prevent the seeds from turning into paste - much like grinding almonds.

    Mary: Thanks! You can substitute with any amount you want, depending on how much sesame flavour you want. I didn’t substitute the entire amount though.

  8. Mary Says:

    hi karen, i find it hard to grind the sesame to powder form and tend to have lots of bits of skin thus making it difficult to seive. How do u managed to blend it into fine powder and do u roast the seed first. TQ

  9. Karen Says:

    Mary, I didn’t have any problems with grinding the seeds. Yes, there may be a small amount of husk/shell but I actually added them back in after sifting because it was such a tiny amount. I think your blender or food processor may be too big, that’s why it can’t grind the seeds finely. You may want to try grinding larger amounts.

    I didn’t roast, but I don’t think there’s any harm in doing that.

  10. Ambrosia Says:

    Karen, your macs r all very nicely done! Salivating but can take too many cos of the high sugar contents.

  11. Karen Says:

    Thanks, Ambrosia. Yes, macarons do have a fair amount of sugar. I’ve reduced the amount of sugar in the macarons (as much as I could without affecting the texture & structure) as well as in the buttercream.

  12. monica Says:

    those are absolutely stunning macarons, karen! i am addicted to your website…
    what did you use as the mango flavor for the actual macaron? mango juice/puree or dried mango?

    thanks for such inspiration!

  13. Karen Says:

    Thanks, Monica! I used mango puree for the macaron.

  14. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Karen,

    I bought my black sesame powder at SQ 2 ($5.80 for 300g) Made in Taiwan quite nice. Did u add any black colouring to the macs. Mine is not as dark as yours.


  15. Karen Says:

    Hi Jennifer.

    I didn’t add any colouring to the black sesame macarons. Is there even such a thing as black colouring? The only thing I can think of is squid ink and its use in pasta. I ground my own sesame powder. Maybe that makes a difference.

  16. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Yes, there is. PH sells them. Its the colour use for sugar paste.

  17. celestine Says:

    your macarons look really nice. how do i order from you ? can you please reply me to my email? thanks.

  18. lee phutrakul Says:

    Is there a recipe for these super yummy looking macs? I live in New York. It’s so hard to find asian-flavored macs.

  19. yujai Says:

    OMG! I love sesame!! Your macarons look sooooooooo good
    How can I order them?

  20. Karen Says:

    Yujai: Thanks! If you live in Singapore, you can order them by sending me an email. You can check for available dates here. If you live outside of Singapore, I won’t be able to ship them to you since they won’t survive the journey.

  21. yujai Says:

    I am outside of Singapore T_T
    how long does these macarons usually last in room temperture?

  22. melina Says:

    hi karen. do u use mango essence for the shell. i added mango puree to mine and it was a disaster

  23. Karen Says:

    Yujai: It really depends on your room temp and the filling. In Singapore (high temp and high humidity), they might survive a max of 20-30 mins before the filling starts to melt.

    I’ve filled them with ganache in Europe in winter and they kept at room temperature for days. The shells dried out somewhat though due to the low humidity.

    Melina: I used puree, but only a tiny amount. The puree should not be too fluid, otherwise the consistency of your batter might be affected.

  24. Carlos Says:

    Hi karen,

    Your macarons look amazing!
    With the green tea macarons, do u use much matcha powder?
    I’ve tried making green tea macarons but the shells seem to get wet marks about 10 seconds out of the oven! I’ve tried baking for longer but it still seems the same :(…
    Please oh please solve my dilemma….

  25. Moh Says:

    Hi Karen

    I stumbled upon your wonderful website today as I have recently taken on the ‘Macaron Challenge’! You are indeed the Macaron Goddess, and in Singapore too where the shops mentioned like NTUC and Phoon Huat etc are all just too familiar.

    Your macarons are beautiful and the flavours so creative and your blog most inspiring…..

    I have been looking but do you have the basic recipe written somewhere? When you say buttercream filling, do you mean just butter and icing sugar?

    I have gotten to the stage where feet have appeared but the shell lack lustre and are hollow. How can I improve on this?

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