Mad about Mango Mousse Cake

Mango Mousse Cake

I’ve finally gotten round to assembling the mango mousse cake that I’d planned to make a couple of weeks ago. I think I’ve just managed to catch the tail end of the mango season.

This cake is made up of alternating layers of springy sponge cake and mango mousse, topped with a layer of mango jelly, which I made using fresh mango puree and a dash of lemon juice to prevent the deep orange colour from turning brown.

Mango Mousse Cake

For the sponge cake, I used a recipe from my mum’s cake recipe collection. The recipe makes a very “spongey” and soft cake. I’ll definitely be using it as a base for all my sponge cake recipes in the future.

For the mousse and jelly, I adapted Jo’s mango mousse / mango mirror recipes listed in Imperial Kitchen (a local food forum), using gelatine leaves instead of gelatine powder and adjusting the amount of whipped cream in the mousse. It was my first time using gelatine leaves and I got a little worried when the jelly showed no sign of thickening after I’d added the gelatine. In my overzealousness, I think I may have added one leaf too many, resulting in a jelly layer that was a little less sweet than I’d have liked.

Still, I loved the overall look, texture, taste and aroma of this cake. I especially liked the fact that the cake is entirely covered with mousse, without any unsightly layering on the sides. Thanks Jo for sharing your recipes!

25 Responses to “Mad about Mango Mousse Cake”

  1. Clapton Says:

    Your Mango Mousse Cake is making me very hungry.

    Any chance you will create cakes for dogs?

  2. Karen Says:

    Hi Clapton. Thanks! I don’t think I’ll be venturing into cakes or cookies for pets anytime soon as I’m not sure which ingredients are good / bad for them. :o)

  3. Yvonne Says:

    Can you provide me with the mango mousse cake recipe. It looks so good that I want to bake it for my husband’s birthday. Thank you

  4. Yvonne Says:

    The only reason why I am asking for recipe is because I do not live in Singapore and that there is no where near me that has mango mousse cake for sale.

  5. landa Says:

    Oh this looks absolutely divine.

  6. Helen Says:

    Hey Karen! I cam to see what you had been up to and see this fantabulous mango mousse cake staring at me…and you know what? I just made a raspberry mousse cake, following the same kind of method….! Great minds think alike right?!!
    In Europe, I grew up on the leaf gelatin and since I moved to the US I have been using the powdered kind, when I go home I now get nervous over the leaf one…weird!

  7. Mandy Says:

    your mango mousse cake is so so so pretty! So are the rest of your creations!

  8. Karen Says:

    Yvonne: I’ve sent you an email.

    Landa & Mandy: Thank you!

    Helen: What a wonderful coincidence! :o) I’d used powdered gelatin when I made the smaller version earlier. I didn’t like the smell that came with the powdered version and decided to switch to leaves. I’ve decided that I like the leaves better, although I find it a little trickier to figure out how many leaves to use.

  9. Lily Says:

    Hi, I have been looking for a mango mousse cake recipe and came across yours which sounds and looks exactly like what I’ve been searching for. I bought one for my boyfriend’s birthday once, and it was his favorite. Unfortunately, the bakery is located in another country, so now I have to figure out how to make one myself. If you could share the recipe, that would be great. I want to make it for his birthday this week. My email is Thanks!

  10. Karen Says:

    Lily: I’ve sent you an email with a link on where to get the recipe.

  11. renee Says:

    Hi Karen

    May I also have the link to the mango mousse cake recipe? Yours look so neat and delicious.
    My email is



  12. Kevin Says:

    Hi Karen, your cake looks amazing! I’ve been looking for a good recipe. Would you mind sending me the link as well? Thank you soo much!

  13. Hazel Says:

    Can I please have the link too? Thanks!

  14. Xiaofen Says:

    Hi Karen! Your cake looks so neat and pretty;D Would like to get the link from you to try it out myself too. Thanks!

  15. Joann Says:

    Can i have the link to the recipe too please? snufflebunni at gmail dot com. Thank you!

  16. Karen Says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    Please join the Imperial Kitchen forum for the recipe. You will need to sign up before you can access the other links that follow. The recipe for the mango mousse cake can be found here under the category “Various Cakes”. There is also a sponge cake recipe here (in the same category), which you can use for this cake.

  17. Hazel Says:

    Hi Karen, your cake looks gorgeous! I’d like to ask how many gelatine leaves you used in the mango mousse and the mango mirror respectively. How did you convert between leaves and powder? Thanks!

  18. Karen Says:

    Hazel: Thanks! I used 2 for the mousse and 1 for the mirror, but you might need to adjust it depending on the size of your gelatine leaves. You can do a goggle search for conversion, but then again, the sizes of the leaves are usually not stated.

  19. Hazel Says:

    Hi Karen, I bought the gelatin leaves from Sun Lik, the lady boss says it’s 2g per sheet. I googled it and apparently that’s the standard size. Thank you!!!

  20. Adeline Says:

    Hi Karen, I really admire your mango mousse cake, especially the sponge cake, may I have the recipe please? cos it is so tough to get into “imperial kitchen” forum. I hope you don’t mind. Many Thxs

  21. Karen Says:

    Hazel: You’re most welcome.

    Adeline: I’ve not had any problems joining or logging in to the IK forum. You have to join first before you can access the forum. The sponge cake shown here is my mother’s recipe. I’m using it for other cakes that I’m selling, so I’m afraid I can’t share that. Hope you understand.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    do u have d mango cakes recipe

  23. sasha Says:

    wow this cake looks delicious.. i’d appreciate it if someone could please send me the recipe?, thanks in advance!

  24. Lea Says:

    i´ll appreciate very much if you could send me the recipe of your lovely looking mango mousse cake and the sponge cake..
    many thanks.

  25. Karen Says:

    Thank you for your interest in the recipe.

    As I’ve already stated in the comment section above, please join Imperial Kitchen for the recipes. The recipes do not belong to me and I am not at liberty to send them to you or to publish them here. Please understand!