Mad about Macaron Orders

7 flavours in 1 fell swoop

While I’m estastic about the overwhelming response to the macarons I’ve put up for sale and grateful beyond words to my repeat customers, I have to admit that I’m completely exhausted. I’ve just come off an entire week of doing not much else besides baking and sandwiching macarons.

Pretty in Maroon

I don’t know how other bloggers selling their macarons are managing, but for me, making 6 different flavours per day is no mean feat. It’s especially challenging when I have to make various flavours of buttercream, nut pastes, nut praline and chocolate ganache for the fillings, all in a single day. This is made all the more difficult by the fact that I’m not a fast worker in the kitchen.

Macarons in a Box

In order not to end up with less than perfect macarons due to having to churn out too many flavours each day, I’ve had to turn away potential customers, something which I’m loathe to do since I really don’t want to disappoint anyone who’d like to try them.

This is why I’m toying with the idea of a baking schedule. This amounts to offering 4 fixed flavours (e.g. chocolate, rose, opera, green tea on Mondays, apricot, raspberry, black sesame, hazelnut chocolate on Tuesdays etc) for each day of the week from which customers pick the 3 that they fancy. This way, customers get well-made macarons while I get to preserve my sanity. :)

Raspberry Macaron

I think this could be a win-win situation, no? Feel free to let me know what you think and which flavours you think would work well together!

Incidentally, based on the responses I’ve received about how much filling you like in your maccies, all of you like your maccies the same way I like mine - with a huge dollop of filling!

33 Responses to “Mad about Macaron Orders”

  1. Mary Says:

    my my how do you ever find the time to bake such lovely macs even when u hold a full time job. I love baking as well but most days i can really be lazy or no mood ler to even start on a recipe….heheheh
    May i kindly ask if how much sugar can be reduced for the italian meringue without tarnishing the whole macs as i still find it very sweet.

  2. danielle bumblebee Says:

    i know exactly what u mean! i’m not even selling, but baking 3 flavors took me 3 whole nights! n the dishwashing.. oh the dishwashing.. that’s the most difficult part of all.. after EVERY mix.. maybe we gotta figure out how to create one plain macaron batch and divide it into portions n flavor them individually..

  3. Karen Says:

    Mary: Thanks! The most reduction I’ve tried was 15%. However, this varies from recipe to recipe. I’d recommend reducing the sugar by 5% first and if that works, reduce it by a further 5% and so on, until it affects the end product.

    Danielle: Yes, you’re right. Dishwashing is a pain, but it’s the division of the ingredients and working fast so that the meringue doesn’t deteriorate by the time I get to the 6th batch that I find a tad stressful, especially since I’m so intent on getting every piped round of batter perfect!

  4. Mary Says:

    As for me i dont mind the dishwashing but the shifting of the dry ingredients that gets to me sometimes as it takes me a good 20min because of the bits n pieces eventhough i grind it so finely …grrrrr!
    Any tips?

    Btw karen , do u mix and create one plain macaron batch and divide it into portions n flavor them individually?

    While taking turns to pipe the macs , will the other colours macs turn watery in the mixing bowl while waiting for their turn to be pipe out.

  5. Evan Says:

    hi karen, so nice to hear from u! i think this is the 1st time you commented on my blog? LOL

    frankly, my macarons, cannot, totally cannot hold a candle to yours!! everytime i look at yours, then look at mine, i feel very sad. and it’s like u shd see the amt of filling i used but always end up not visible, unlike yours! dunno why oso *cries*

  6. Karen Says:

    Mary: Yes, grinding and sifting the dry ingredients take quite a bit of time. Sorry, no way around that, unless you don’t mind little bumps on your macaron shells. :) I don’t make the various flavours the way you described it because I’m worried that the batter will end up being overmixed - so it’s one flavour at a time. Mix and pipe immediately. Yes, painful, I know.

    Evan: Great to hear from you too! I experienced that once when I messed around with my usual recipe to try out new flavours. I believe the batter was too wet that time.

  7. The Boons Says:

    Hi Karen!

    Long time no see! How are you?

    Everything looks so yummy! How on earth do you have time to make all these delicious pastries? I wish we could live in Singapore so we can make our orders everyday! The black macaron and the mango cake look especially appealing. We’d love to have it for dessert any time.

    We are planning to go out for lunch with your Dad shortly. It’s so nice to catch up with old buddies.

    Take care and say hi to everyone at home.


  8. Karen Says:

    Hi Auntie Irene!

    It’s a wonderful surprise to hear from you. I hope you’re all having a good time with my dad in Maryland. I’m sure he’s enjoying himself and is probably reluctant to come back home.

    Thank you for the compliments! I’ll be glad to bake something for you and Uncle Pock the next time you visit Singapore.

    Please send my regards to Uncle Pock, Chye, Yuen & Zhi too!

    - Karen -

  9. Pat Says:

    Hi Karen!

    Your Macarons look lovely! I have made the chocolate Macarons and it turned up fine n yummy!

    Had tried making Strawberry Macarons but it didn’t turn out well. Hmm…can you share with me, how to go about making for eg, Strawberry or Pitaschio macarons? (the shells and fillings?)

    Would be great!
    Thanks again!

    PS: Your macarons really look great! May think of ordering for my family in Singapore.

  10. Karen Says:

    Pat: Thanks! For pistachio macarons, you can replace the ground almonds entirely with ground pistachio - the shells will be pale green in colour. For the filling, try ground pistachios with some icing sugar and a bit of water to make pistachio paste.

    For strawberry macarons, you can simply add strawberry flavouring or a tiny bit of strained strawberry puree and increase the dry ingredients a little to make up for the additional liquid. You’ll have to experiment with your recipe to find the right combination. For the filling, either add some strawberry flavouring or strawberry puree to your buttercream.

  11. Pat Says:

    HI Karen

    Hey, is really very sweet of you to share with me your tips + receipe! THANKS alot!
    Really do appreciate!

    I hope to work on this asap……will keep you updated!

    Thanks once again! :-)

  12. Pam Says:

    Hi, I found some macarons recipes using italian meringue on the net. They incorporate a quantity of unwhipped egg whites to the dry ingredients before folding the italian meringue in. Is this step necessary? Thanks.

  13. Karen Says:

    Pam: Yes, it is necessary, strange as it may seem. Otherwise the batter would be too dry.

  14. danielle bumblebee Says:

    hey karen,

    i can’t stop drooling looking at your pretty macarons. how do u offer 3 flavors in so few pieces? each batch i make has about 30++ pieces, and i can only do 1 flavor per batch. so i’m wondering if u divide ur recipes to make just a few pieces per batch/flavor. or if u’re selling so many macarons that u’re just baking batches after batches and packing them for individual orders..

  15. Ellena Says:

    Wow.. Karen, as usual your macarons are so nicely done. And you are also very generous to share the tips of making the pistachio and strawberry flavour de. Thanks alot. :)

  16. Mary Says:

    hie karen …i really wonder how u can bake such a consistence batch of macaroon everytime….kudos to u! I think i’ve bake like the eleven times but still fail, all except for the first time…beginners luck i guess! Now the more i practice , the worst it gets…Now in my fridge , there tons of footless macaroons…no want wants to eat them lor…hehehe
    May i know if u use the dry egg white for yr macs as some of the recipe online requires them but its dificult to buy them here.
    Btw r u using the italian meringue method for all yr batch of macs?
    I have leafovers of egg whites in the fridge for a week, do u think i can u them to make the macs or they r good to be trown away?

  17. Aunt HN Says:

    Hi Karen,

    The macarons are lovely!

  18. Karen Says:

    Sorry for the slow reply, everyone. I’ve been rather busy with other things lately.

    Danielle: I make the meringue first and then divide the meringue for each flavour.

    Ellena: Thanks! I hope you try it out and let me know how it went.

    Mary: I’ve tried with and without dried egg whites, but I think it doesn’t make a huge difference. It’s available at Cold Storage but it’s quite pricey. I am using italian meringue. It’s ok to use refridgerated leftover egg white, but probably only up to 3-5 days unless you store it really well. Be sure to bring to room temperature before whisking. Egg white can be frozen too and used for macarons later, but some people claim the results are not as good. I have not tried it.

    Auntie HN: Thanks!

  19. Mary Says:

    i’m wondering how u know how much to divide the meringue to each flavours because the meringue is kind of sticky. Is it by estimation or do u weight the meringue after beating it then divide it to each flavour.
    I’m having problems even with one flavour …hahaha

  20. naddz Says:

    Hie…if id like to purchase ur do i go abt doin em?..they look absolutely delish(n here i am supposed to be fastin)

  21. Karen Says:

    Hi Naddz, please visit this page. Perhaps you could get some after Ramadan? :)

  22. Anonymous Says:

    id say! you must be a busy baker! but how about 1 flavour a day or a week! i mean … then you can try new flavours each day … and regulars can keep coming back for more … (while watching their waistlines expanD!

  23. elizabeth Says:

    Hi Karen,

    I tried making my chocolate & almond macaroons. Its got the feet, but it is not very straight, slightly out if u look from the top of the mac. Yours is so beautiful !! Can u advise how to improve on it ? Tks

  24. Karen Says:

    Anon: Thanks for the suggestion! I’d love to do that, but I don’t think clients would like that very much, especially if they have to order 25 of the same flavour. Each order is custom made, so it’s not practical to make less than 25 at a time.

    Elizabeth: Try drying the piped batter for a longer time and baking at a higher temp.

  25. elizabeth Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Tks for your advice. Will try out again.

  26. Eeling Says:

    Hi Karen,

    You are so creative with the flavours. And your photography is so good. I am so inspired to make black sesame macarons, would you mind sharing with me how it’s done?


  27. ming lee Says:

    hi there madbaker

    im a macaron baker myself, and was wondering if you could help me with preventing white macarons from browning! seems like everytime i make them, they dont remain white like yours! sometimes my colored ones brown too! i cant bake them for a shorter time, cos they end up uncooked. i bake them for 11- 12 mins. any less and they stick. :)

  28. Karen Says:

    Eeling: Just replace the ground almonds entirely or partially with ground black sesame seeds.

    Ming Lee: You can try covering them with aluminium foil in the last 5 mins of baking or bake them at a lower temperature for a longer time.

    Hope this helps!

  29. Ming lee Says:

    oh thanks karen.

    maybe i will try that out soon. also, sometims, when they get feet, they go real right, but then right, in the midst of baking, it will go PLOP, down and be half of what its potential was…aiyayyai!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . im still stuck on whether tochoose italian method or the french method…if im not wrong, yours is italian, but the feel looks like the french ones. i read somewhere that the french method produces more prominent feet…hmmmmm.

  30. Claire Says:

    OMG… i can’t believe I get to see thiese beauties.. I wanna make macaroons like these too!!! WOw!!!

  31. Tingshan Says:

    Hi, may I know how I can order these macarons? They look absolutely delish! I’d LOVE to try the black sesame ones :-) Do you have a price list or something I can refer to as well? Thank you!

  32. Karen Says:

    Tingshan: Thank you! I’m afraid I’m currently not taking orders due to other commitments. Sorry about that.

  33. Willy Says:

    Hi, you make great Macaroons from what i see on the blog. It’s really appealing. I am really hoping you are still making these devilish tasting monsters.I was wondering if you still do orders now? I would love to have a price list.

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