Mad about Getting Back to Baking

Strawberry Chocolate Cake Order

I’m glad to be home after a short work stint in KL. As fun and interesting as it was to work in a new office environment with some very nice people and as wonderful as it was to have such gracious hosts as C and WS, I have to admit that I missed messing around in my kitchen terribly.

Strawberry Chocolate Cake Order

Which was why I was really excited to receive a special request for this strawberry chocolate cake from a customer early this week - just before I was to fly back home. Her timing couldn’t have been better! It gave me a reason to get back to my kitchen almost right away without having to think too hard about what to bake.

I was a little concerned initially about whether strawberries would still be in season, despite the fact that they were still abundant when I’d left for KL. As it turned out, the supermarket shelves were still full with punnets of Californian strawberries.

Thank you for your order, S! I hope everyone enjoyed the cake as much as I enjoyed baking it!

Available for purchase: 10″ Strawberry Cake @ Price of S$55.

2 Responses to “Mad about Getting Back to Baking”

  1. landa Says:

    Did you make your own ladyfingers?

  2. Steff Says:

    The cake was absolutely delicious! Smells sweet of the strawberries, looks great and tastes really yummy! Sure will order from you again! It must be from your passion ;)

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