Mad about Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Strawberry Chocolate Cake with Meringue Rods

The cake featured here is a variation of a recipe from Alice Medrich’s Bittersweet. The cake here is surrounded with cocoa meringue rods instead of a wall of chocolate.

Strawberry Chocolate Cake with Meringue Rods

I’d intended to make the chocolate wall, but it turned into a chocolatey mess with some bits of wall on the cake and other bits stuck on a plastic sheet. I improvised and covered the sides with chocolate shavings and cocoa meringue rods, which I’d made the night before. The result is a rather impressive looking cake. It’s not as elegant as the chocolate wall version, but I love the presentation here.

Strawberry Chocolate Cake

The cake is made up of 2 layers of chocolate genoise sandwiched with a light mascarpone cream and hidden strawberries. I just adore the look of the cut strawberries when the cake is sliced at just the right place.

15 Responses to “Mad about Strawberry Chocolate Cake”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Hi Karen, the “cocoa meringue rods ” u bake yourself? U still “owe” me the recipe for the cake lay.. kekeke.. just joking.. very nice bakes u have… thanks again for your macarons recipe.. :) Any more “project” coming up? Do showcase.. :P

  2. Karen Says:

    Hi Eileen, good to hear from you. :) Yes, I baked the rods and yes, I still owe you a recipe - it completely slipped my mind! Thanks for the reminder. I’ll send you an email when I get the recipe for all the components together.

  3. faith Says:

    wow! may i know about the receipe?

  4. Karen Says:

    Hi Faith, if you let me know your email address, I can send you the recipe, but be forewarned, the process is quite involved especially with the meringue rods.

  5. renee Says:

    Hi Karen

    May I have the recipe for the strawberry chocolate cake? My email address is Thanks

  6. Re'ann Says:

    Hi Karen,

    My sis’s bdae is coming soon n she loves strawberry cake! Would you kindly share the recipe? My address is Thanks so much!

  7. ivy Says:

    Hi..the meringue rods so nice..can teach me how to do or the receipe?? thanks a millon :) … yr bakes are wonderful…
    my email is

  8. Bes Says:

    Hi! Just by looking at your cake makes my mouth water! It looks so yummy… Can you share to me the recipe of this cake and how you made it? Thank you so much!

  9. Ady Says:

    Greetings my dear!!
    Could you do me a favour?
    share the recipe of this cake with me please…
    Is an urgency!!
    If is before of January 20th, i’ll be grateful for your help

    With Love

    contact me

  10. jen Says:

    hi there! :) this cake looks DELICIOUS!

    could you please email me the recipe?

    jengonzalez7 at gmail dot com

  11. Jeslynn Says:

    pls share ur recipe!!! thanks~~~

  12. Karen Says:

    Hi everyone, thank you very much for your interest in this cake. I will no longer be sending out the recipe for this cake.

    The recipe for the chocolate genoise and filling can be found in Alice Medrich’s Bittersweet. The recipe for the cocoa meringue rods can be found in Dorie Green Span’s Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Herme.

    After assembling the cake, cover with dark chocolate shavings, decorate with cut strawberries and meringue rods. Sprinkle icing sugar over the meringue rods just before serving. The cake should be consumed within a day or so after assembly as the meringue rods tend to turn soft.

  13. carol Says:

    Hi Karen,

    May I have the recipe for the strawberry chocolate cake? I like tp bake cake n puff! if you have any chocolate puff recipe can share with me?

    my email address is

    millons of thanks:)

  14. Joe Says:

    Hi Karen,

    seems im jumping on this hot band waggon myself. I was hoping i could get the recipe too, i wanted to bake it for my wife, for her birthday, thanks, have a good one.

  15. Karen Says:

    Joe & Carol: Thank you for your interest in this cake. As I’ve already mentioned in my last comment in this post, I won’t be sending out the recipes anymore. The recipes can be found in the 2 books. If you prefer not to buy them, you could always borrow them from your local library.