Mad about Strawberry Chocolate Cake Again

Strawberry Chocolate Cake

I made this cake for a family event this past Saturday. It’s a variation of this cake.

Strawberry Chocolate Cake

The layering on the inside is the same as before - 2 layers of chocolate genoise sandwiched with a rich mascarpone cream and hidden strawberries. It’s just decorated a little differently on the outside with lady finger sponges, cocoa powder, shaved chocolate and pretty ribbons for fun.

7 Responses to “Mad about Strawberry Chocolate Cake Again”

  1. Kate Says:

    Hello there,
    just found your blog thru Flickr.Really neat stuff u have going here.Surprised why i did’nt find you earlier.Just love desserts and this is a feast for my eyes.
    u are very talented.A recipe would be nice thought with all the wonderful photographs.Dont want to leave us all high and dry would you ??? :-)))

  2. Karen Says:

    Hi Kate,
    Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll do my best to post recipes next time, or at least state where I got the recipe from.

  3. Evan Says:

    hey karen, just wondering. will you also post recipes for the stuffs you’re selling? if yes, then i must say you’re very generous! coz i won’t :p

    btw, just to answer yr question, i found yr old site @ singnet while i did a search for macarons the other time. i had all along been interested in making them but looking at yr pics just gave me even more motivation! coz its like not many singaporeans actually attempt macarons at home, either due to the fact that macarons are highly temperamental & difficult to master or that most singaporeans arent aware of what macarons are. but then, i was hooked on yr other pics as well from then on. i wanted to leave a comment but it didnt hv a comment section. anyway im gonna attempt ispahan nx :p

  4. Karen Says:

    Hi Evan, it won’t be good business sense to post recipes for items that I put up for purchase. But I’d be glad to share where I get my other recipes any day. Most of the time, I just use the recipes straight out of cookbooks.

    Yes, I have to agree that macarons are highly temperamental. Good luck with the Ispahan! I’ve found that the Ispahan looks really impressive, but the entire combination is a little too sweet (my recreation anyway) for my taste. You might like to reduce the amount of sugar in the macaron or make smaller versions.

  5. Piece a Cake Bakery Says:

    Hey Karen, Looks beautiful and yummy. I did a strawberry chocolate cake on my site and posted the recipe as well. My sales of the cake locally went up. I too used a reciep out of a cook book, but changed it a little to make it unique. Just a thought. If you do publish the recipe, know that it will be made here in North Carolina. Again, thanks for sharing somthing beautiful.

  6. fatima Says:

    Karen, can you please send me the recipe for this cake:

  7. Karen Says:

    Fatima: As already stated in the comment section of the other post, I will NOT be sending the recipe for the cake anymore. The components are described in the comment section of the other post, along with the recipe source.