Mad about Mini Ispahans

Homemade Mini Ispahan

Having read about the Ispahan Festival that was going on at the PH Paris outlets a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to give this macaron a second go.

                Homemade Mini Ispahan

The very first time I made these macarons, I found the entire combination a little too sweet and too large to finish eating in one sitting. This time, I made them smaller (about 2.5″ in diameter after baking) and reduced the amount of sugar in the macarons as well as in the rose & lychee buttercream. I was happy with the end result, although I wish I’d been brave enough to give the macaron shells a deeper colour.

Rose Macarons

I’d also put together these rose flavoured macarons to test out the buttercream. I found the rose flavour too faint and adjusted that in the cream for the mini Ispahans.

5 Responses to “Mad about Mini Ispahans”

  1. Jacelyn Says:

    Hi Karen, your creations are really awesome. And the macaroons so beautiful. Do you have a general recipe for making macaroons? There are so mnay recipes online, I’m not sure which is more reliable.

  2. Karen Says:

    Hi Jacelyn, thank you! I’ve tried a couple of recipes and found this one to be quite reliable . You have to search for Ispahan in the article. The ingredients are listed on the next page. Happy baking!

  3. Molly W Says:

    You ispahans are beautiful. Where did you get the recipe?

  4. June Says:

    Hi Karen,

    How much sugar did you reduce from the recipe? I find macarons too sweet too, but am afraid they won’t hold their shape if I reduce the sugar too much.


  5. andi Says:

    Hi Karen,

    wow your macarons are so gorgeous and are making me hungry!
    for my wife’s baby shower, i have been trying to make some blue macarons without sucess. instead of being blue, they turn golden brown after coming out of the oven.
    the recipe calls for the oven to be at 320, i lowered the temperature to 285 and they still come out tanned!

    do you have any suggestions for me?

    thank you!

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