Mad about Earl Grey Infused Chocolate Macarons

Chocolate Macarons

It’s been a while since my phase of macaron madness. I was recently inspired to revisit a recipe I’d seen on the eGullet forums.

Chocolate Macarons

I went for chocolate macarons with a twist on the ganache. The heavy cream was infused with a bag of Earl Grey tea before being gently stirred into the finely chopped chocolate.

Two important lessons I learnt rather painfully this time are:
1. Always use good quality baking paper
2. Always check my baking supplies before embarking on a baking project in the middle of the night.

I had to discard a third of this batch of macarons. While preparing the trays for the macarons, I ran out of baking paper. Since I didn’t want to run out to the closest 24-hour supermarket that late at night, I decided to use “tracing paper” instead. Normally, this works fine for cakes and cookies, but apparently not for macarons. On one tray, the paper stuck stubbornly to the bottom of the macarons after they’d baked. On another two trays, the paper puckered beneath the macaron batter, resulting in horribly deformed macaron shells - I pulled these out of the oven and chucked them before they were even done.

This only makes my current stash of these finicky french “cookies” all the more precious. I’ll be sure to savour them slowly.

5 Responses to “Mad about Earl Grey Infused Chocolate Macarons”

  1. Evan Says:

    earl grey infused ganache! that sounds really interesting. how’s it taste? does the ganache hv any earl grey fragrance? maybe one day we can even do a chai spice flavored one :p

    oh you’re also baking them on parchment paper? same for me. im gonna get silpat soon. hv u thought of getting that? it seems pretty indispensable, esp. for baking macs & those french layered mousse cakes.

    anyhow yours still look very very good. i love how your macs hv very prominent feet =)

  2. Karen Says:

    Yes, the ganache did have a hint of earl grey to it.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Evan. I already have a Silpat, which I do use when baking macarons. But a single Silpat is not enough when baking large quantities. :o)

  3. Wanandonly Says:

    I’m really lucky to have the honor to taste this heavenly creation of Karen’s. The choc she uses for this is not too bitter so that the taste of earl grey fuses out in the mouth :). I was so shocked when she told me she threw that batch of macarons away.. I thot I could have eaten them out of the paper :P.

  4. Elyn Says:

    They sure are yummy and very pretty pictures too. Haven’t dare to try making macarons, they require a lot of techniques to do it well which I’m a newbie to baking :)

  5. Karen Says:

    Hi Elyn, thanks! Sorry I took so long to respond. You should try making macarons some time. They are a little time-consuming to make, but once you master the recipe and technique, it’s well-worth the effort.

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